perl-Perl6-Slurp - Implementation of the Perl 6 'slurp' built-in

Website: https://metacpan.org/release/Perl6-Slurp
License: GPL+ or Artistic
Vendor: city-fan.org repo http://www.city-fan.org/ftp/contrib/
slurp takes:

a filename,
a filehandle,
a typeglob reference,
an IO::File object, or
a scalar reference,

converts it to an input stream (using open() if necessary),
and reads in the entire stream. If slurp fails to set up or
read the stream, it throws an exception.


perl-Perl6-Slurp-0.051005-12.fc22.noarch [18 KiB] Changelog by Paul Howarth (2018-04-17):
- BR: perl-generators unconditionally
- BR: perl-interpreter rather than perl
- Drop support for EOL distributions prior to F-13
  - Drop BuildRoot: and Group: tags
  - Drop explicit buildroot cleaning in %install section
  - Drop explicit %clean section

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