perl-strictures - Turn on strict and make most warnings fatal

Website: https://metacpan.org/release/strictures
License: GPL+ or Artistic
Vendor: city-fan.org repo http://www.city-fan.org/ftp/contrib/
This package turns on strict and makes most warnings fatal.


perl-strictures-2.000006-1.fc22.noarch [33 KiB] Changelog by Paul Howarth (2019-03-11):
- Update to 2.000006
  - Update internal list of warnings for categories added in blead (v5.29.9)
  - Fix extras test to avoid any files in the temp directory's parent
    directories interfering (CPAN RT#128751)
- Package LICENSE file
- This release by HAARG → update source URL
- Switch upstream from search.cpan.org to metacpan.org

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