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ecncheck - Utilities for checking ECN capabilities of hosts

License: GPL
ecncheck will run the equivalent of TCP traceroute with and without
ECN, attempting to connect to a destination IP:port. It will print a block
of information describing the host's ECN capabilities, ranging from
supporting ECN to dropping ECN connections. If the host drops ECN and/or
non-ECN connections, the program also provides additional traceroute
and ICMP information that may help to track down the problem.

ecnmx will look up the list of MX records and corresponding A records
(or just A records if no MX records are available) for the given host,
and run ecncheck on each host:port combination. It will pass through
ecncheck output underneath each MX/A header.


ecncheck-0.9.6-2.x86_64 [27 KiB] Changelog by Paul Howarth (2004-08-18):
- /etc replaced by /etc - actually more portable
- /var/tmp/ecncheck-0.9.6-2-root-phowarth replaced with $RPM_BUILD_ROOT as per Fedora
  packaging guidelines

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