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spfmilter - SPF mail filter module

License: ACME Labs Freeware License
Vendor: repo
Spfmilter implements the Sender Policy Framework (
as a milter, using the libspf2 library.

The idea of SPF is to prevent email forgery.  Each participating
domain sets up a little definition of which hosts are allowed to send
mail claiming to be from that domain.  When another site receives
mail, it checks the permitted-senders definition for the originating
domain.  If the check fails, the mail is rejected.


spfmilter-0.98-1.x86_64 [32 KiB] Changelog by Paul Howarth (2014-07-17):
- new upstream version 0.98
  - changed the regular SMTP response code used in -graylist mode
    from 451 to 421
  - added pidfile option
  - updated for clang, and general clean-up
- re-code manpage as UTF8

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