perl-MCE - Many-core Engine for Perl providing parallel processing capabilities

License: GPL+ or Artistic
Vendor: repo
Many-core Engine (MCE) for Perl helps enable a new level of performance by
maximizing all available cores. MCE spawns a pool of workers and therefore
does not fork a new process per each element of data. Instead, MCE follows
a bank queuing model. Imagine the line being the data and bank-tellers the
parallel workers. MCE enhances that model by adding the ability to chunk
the next n elements from the input stream to the next available worker.


perl-MCE-1.824-1.fc9.noarch [292 KiB] Changelog by Paul Howarth (2017-04-01):
- Update to 1.824
  - Check for EINTR during sysread and syswrite
  - Improved reliability when running nested MCE sessions
  - Updated MCE::Mutex with Channel and Fcntl implementations
  - Calibrated the number of data-channels for IPC
  - Completed validation for using MCE with 200+ cores
  - Completed validation for running MCE on a box having 100+ cores
  - Tuned the number of data-channels for IPC, setting upper limit in
    MCE::Core::Input::{ Handle and Sequence } to not impact the OS kernel; the
    result is better performance, yet graceful

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