Paul's Blog Entries for September 2006

Friday 1st September 2006

Local Packages

I'm going to have to rebuild a lot of packages. The macros I've been using in spec files to add distribution tags don't play nicely with development releases. This is easily enough fixed but since the spec files are changing, I'll be rebuilding for all supported releases, not just development, when I populate the repository for Fedora development.

Network Access in Mock

When trying to build perl-HTTP-SimpleLinkChecker in mock, the test suite failed because it couldn't connect to This is because /etc/resolv.conf in the buildroot contains:


I don't happen to have a nameserver at that IP address, so I added to /etc/mock/defaults.cfg:

config_opts['files'] = { \
nameserver""" \

Problem solved.

Saturday 2nd September 2006

Open Day at Nursery

There was an open day at the Leapfrog nursery is Sale, and the guest of honour was none other than Moonchester, so of course we took Leon along to meet him.


Monday 4th September 2006

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Test-Exception to 0.22

  • Updated my python-twisted-* packages to bring them closer to those produced by Thomas Vander Stichele (see Bug #171543) with a view to testing them prior to reviewing them for Extras

  • Continued populating the Fedora development repo

Tuesday 5th September 2006


Went to have a look at the Kids Allowed nursery just round the corner from where I work. Significantly posher than the other couple of places (nearer home) that we've looked at, but significantly more expensive too.

PPTP Project

  • Built pptpd 1.3.3 packages and released them on sourceforge

  • Published the new yum repositories to sourceforge

Fedora Extras

  • Submitted libxml for review as it was removed from rawhide today and is a dependency of libglade, which is still in need of review

Wednesday 6th September 2006

Fedora Extras

  • Updated lat to 1.0.7

  • Finally imported and built mod_fcgid as my requests for further feedback appear to have fallen on deaf ears

Thursday 7th September 2006

Local Packages

  • Continued populating the development repo
  • Updated sendmail to have a slightly more robust %post scriptlet and incorporate the latest changes in the main Fedora package

Friday 8th September 2006

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Module-Corelist to 2.08

  • Updated ppp to 2.4.4

Fedora Extras

  • Fixed Bug #205668 regarding lat owning the /usr/share/omf directory

PPTP Project

Sunday 10th September 2006

Visit to Grandparents

Took Leon to visit my mum and dad; one of the afternoon's events was a trip to Edgeside Park, where I spent many a happy hour in my own childhood. He's just about able to stand up without support now, and I'm sure will be walking soon.


Monday 11th September 2006

Local Packages

  • Continued populating the Fedora Development repository
  • Built mgdiff for all of my supported distributions; this was "fun" given that it's a Motif-based application that uses fairly low-level X libraries, given the changes (e.g. XFree86 to xorg, monolithic to modular, openmotif to lesstif) that have happened over the years

Fedora Extras

  • Kevin Fenzi kindly approved my libxml package

Tuesday 12th September 2006

Local Packages

  • Updated contagged to 0.4

Wednesday 13th September 2006

Fedora Extras

  • Fixed some issues noted by Kevin Fenzi in his review of my gnome-libs package

Thursday 14th September 2006

Fedora Extras

  • Kevin Fenzi kindly approved my gnome-libs package

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.0.11

Local Packages

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.0.11

  • Updated libidn to 0.6.7

  • Updated perl-BerkeleyDB to 0.30

Sunday 17th September 2006

Fedora Extras

  • Bumped perl-IO-stringy and perl-Convert-BinHex to have dist tags and not appear on JPO's perl module status reports next time :-)

Local Packages

  • Updated fetchyahoo to 2.10.4

Monday 18th September 2006

Local Packages

  • Updated moin to 1.5.5a

  • Updated moin-theme-widget to 20060807 version

  • Completed the population of the Fedora development repository


  • Updated to moin version 1.5.5a; reading the release notes, I saw that I needed to update moin.fcg as well as running the usual migration script. Quite a painless upgrade really.

Tuesday 19th September 2006

Another Nursery

Went to look at Daydreams Nursery on New Hall Road, which is very close to being exactly halfway between home and my workplace. Very clean, nice surroundings, good chef. Will certainly be on the shortlist.

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Net-DNS to 0.59

Wednesday 20th September 2006

Fedora Extras

In a bid to get the Twisted 2.x Upgrade moving, I submitted the dependency package python-zope-interface for review

Thursday 21st September 2006

Local Packages

  • Updated fetchyahoo to 2.10.5

  • Updated perl-Devel-Symdump to 2.0603

  • New package smf-spf, another milter for SPF

Friday 22nd September 2006


It's Leon's first birthday today. Hopefully I'll have some pictures later on.

Local Packages

  • Imported legacy packages perl-Net-SSLeay and perl-IO-Socket-SSL from Fedora Extras

  • Rebuilt smbldap-tools with dependency on perl(IO::Socket::SSL) to ensure we have SSL support even if perl-LDAP doesn't enforce this dependency (Bug #122066, Bug #207430)

  • Updated fetchyahoo to 2.10.6

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.0.12

  • Updated smf-spf to 2.0.1

Fedora Extras

  • Rebuilt smbldap-tools with dependency on perl(IO::Socket::SSL) to ensure we have SSL support even if perl-LDAP doesn't enforce this dependency (Bug #122066, Bug #207430)

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.0.12

Saturday 23rd September 2006

Leon's First Birthday

Well actually his birthday was yesterday but we had the celebration today. My mum and dad, and Ian of course, came over, mum staying with Leon and Bingning's mum whilst the rest of us enjoyed the football.


Leon's presents included a wheel-and-wiggle caterpillar from Ian, a toy phone and caterpillar book from Grandma and Grandad, a pack of 100 wooden blocks from me and Bingning, and a cuddly dog from Leon's Great Grandad and Iris.

Tuesday 26th September 2006


Went to look at Sale Private Day Nursery on Northenden Road; nothing particularly wrong with it but we both prefer Daydreams so we'll be filling in the paperwork for there this evening.

Fedora Extras

  • The new stable version of lat (1.2.0) is out. Unfortunately I can't get it to build without NetworkManager support, and I can't get it to run unless NetworkManager is running. I raised upstream bug #73 for this. I also raised upstream bug #72 regarding the dependencies in the pkgconfig file shipped in the new release

  • Updated gtorrentviewer to address Bug #206262, regarding drag-and-drop being supported with files but not URIs

Wednesday 27th September 2006


Leon will be starting at Daydreams nursery on 19th October; earlier dates were unavailable due to extra sessions having been booked on Thursdays and Fridays for other children.

Fedora Extras

  • Updated lat to in the development branch (which will become FC6); this release addresses the bugs in version 1.2.0 that I raised yesterday. I'll run this version locally for a while before deciding whether to update the FC-5 branch.

  • Started reviewing Thomas' python-twisted-core package

Local Packages

  • Updated the post-install script in dovecot to take into account that the new SSL certificates may be set up as symlinks and not to try migrating them from the old locations if that's the case

Thursday 28th September 2006

Local Packages

Nothing needed updating today so did some infrastructure changes that I'd been planning for a while. I now build the repo (metadata and repoview) offline on my build system and use rsync to mirror it to the webserver. Whilst this may seem the obvious way to do it, the repo had evolved in such a way that the metadata was being created on the webserver directly.

This is a big improvment performance-wise, as the build system is much faster than the webserver. It also means that I am able to run a dependency closure check on the repository before it goes live, and hence pick up problems before they affect anyone.

I also tweaked my mock configuration on the build system to include Vendor: and Packager: tags in the built packages, by adding the following to /etc/mock/defaults.cfg:

config_opts['macros'] = """
%%_topdir %s/build
%%_rpmfilename   %%%%{NAME}-%%%%{VERSION}-%%%%{RELEASE}.%%%%{ARCH}.rpm
%%packager       Paul Howarth <>
%%vendor repo
"""  % config_opts['chroothome']

I had to rebuild the mock root caches for each target before it took effect though.

I tested the changes by bringing my oldest perl package (perl-Convert-TNEF) up to my current packaging style and pushing a new release of it.

Friday 29th September 2006

Local Packages

  • Updated getmail to 4.6.4

Saturday 30th September 2006

New Shoes for Leon

Now that Leon is starting to walk, he needed a decent pair of shoes. So off we went to the Trafford Centre to get some. First stop was John Lewis as we have some gift vouchers for there. A nice range of Clarks shoes but quite pricey so we decided to look around, and eventually got a pair of Oshkosh shoes from Barratts, which Leon seems very happy with.


On the way home, Leon fell asleep in the car. It's not a long way though and he woke up when getting put of the car after only a 5-minute nap. It seemed to be enough for him though as he didn't have another nap before bedtime. He can probably switch to one nap a day soon.

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