Paul's Blog Entries for March 2007

Thursday 1st March 2007

Fedora Project

Friday 2nd March 2007

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot to 1.0.rc25

  • Updated grepmail 5.3033 though I had to temporarily add perl-devel to the Rawhide buildroot to get it to build due to Bug #230608

  • Updated unrar to 3.7.4

Fedora Project

  • Updated grepmail 5.3033, except for Rawhide as mentioned above

Monday 5th March 2007

Local Packages

  • Updated bittorrent to 5.0.7

  • Updated perl-IO-Multiplex to 1.09

  • Updated perl-Pod-Simple to 3.05

Wednesday 7th March 2007

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot to 1.0.rc26

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 1.03

Thursday 8th March 2007

Local Packages

  • Started updating perl-based packages to have a perl-devel buildreq for Fedora 7 onwards; grepmail is the first such package

Fedora Project

  • Updated grepmail on the devel branch to 5.3033, adding a buildreq of perl-devel

  • Fixed up all of my perl modules to buildrequire perl-devel (CVS only, no packages built since the resulting packages will be the same as before). I took the opportunity to clean up other aspects of the spec files too, such as fixing rpmlint warnings where appropriate. The packages changed are: perl-Authen-DigestMD5, perl-Class-Loader, perl-Convert-BinHex, perl-Crypt-DH, perl-Crypt-DSA, perl-Crypt-Primes, perl-Crypt-Random, perl-Crypt-RSA, perl-Crypt-SmbHash, perl-Data-Buffer, perl-Date-Simple, perl-Digest-BubbleBabble, perl-Digest-MD2, perl-FileHandle-Unget, perl-IO-stringy, perl-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser, perl-MailTools, perl-Math-GMP, perl-Math-Pari, perl-MIME-tools, perl-Net-SSH-Perl, and perl-Tie-EncryptedHash

Friday 9th March 2007

Fedora Project

  • Fixed Bug #230186 in gnome-libs, which resulted in a different separator being used in time displays using GnomeDateEdit widgets in sone locales, inconsistent with versions of gnome-libs in older distributions and also the Gnome2 equivalents (thanks to Zoltan Boszormenyi for both the report and the fix)

Saturday 10th March 2007


Plamted my early potatoes in the 7th bay of our plot, 45 Pentland Javelin at the Glebelands Road end and 34 Arran Pilot at the other end.

Monday 12th March 2007

Fedora Project

  • Brought the FC-5 and FC-6 branches of the bittorrent package more into line with the Rawhide version, fixing the newly-raised Bug #231697 as a side effect of this (this issue had been fixed in the Rawhide version since 18th January and long before that in my local packages)

Thursday 15th March 2007

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot to 1.0.rc27

  • Updated libidn to 0.6.11

Friday 16th March 2007

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Test-Warn to 0.09

Monday 19th March 2007

Local Packages

Over the weekend I've started populating a repository for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Since CentOS5 isn't out yet, I've been building against the last beta release (4.92). I believe this will be OK for the resulting packages since there won't be any soname or other major changes between 4.92 and 5. Building the packages this way has caused me to have to update a large number of packages to get the dist tag to work properly (i.e. to be rhel5 rather than c4.92 or rhel4 etc.). These changes have resulted in lots of package updates for other distribution releases since I try to use the same SRPM for all distributions.

Other updates today:

  • Updated getmail to 4.7.3

  • Updated perl-ConfigReader-Simple to 1.25

  • Updated perl-HTML-SimpleLinkExtor to 1.17

  • Updated perl-Test-Prereq to 1.033

Tuesday 20th March 2007

Fedora Project

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.0.23

Local Packages

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.0.23

  • Built/updated more packages for the RHEL5 repo

Car Crash

I was involved in a collision with another car around 100 yards from home when returning from work. I was turning right on a mini-roundabout and another car shot across the roundabout from the opposite direction. The front drivers' sides of both vehicles collided and my car was spun round to face the direction I had come from, the other car also ending up facing that direction. I suspect the Micra I was driving will be written off as I struggle to imagine the repair cost being less than the value of the car. More importantly though, neither driver appeared to suffer any serious injuries, just being a bit dazed and shocked but otherwise OK, at least so far.

Wednesday 21st March 2007

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-version to 0.71

  • Built more packages for the RHEL5 repo

Saturday 24th March 2007

Joe Job

Some pill spammer decided to use a random username on my domain as the From address for a spam run. This domain is one that I used to use a few years ago when I was doing relay and proxy testing for, and all mail for any address in that domain ends up in my mailbox. The result of the joe job was around 650 email bounces in my inbox before I added an appropriate entry to my /etc/mail/access to reject further mail to that address:    ERROR:5.1.1:551 Joe-job in progress

Sunday 25th March 2007

Joe Job

The pill spammer I referred to yesterday has started using a variety of usernames in the domain, and there were another 600+ bounces in my inbox as a result.

Since I no longer use this domain, the easiest fix was simply to disable the domain.

Short term, for spam-in-progress:                ERROR:5.1.1:551 Joe-job in progress     OK

Long term (DNS cache expiry is one day) I've simply removed the subdomain from the zone.

Fedora Project

Michael Schwendt must have been running a script through Fedora cvs to find unowned directories, as I received two bug reports from him for my Fedora Extras packages:

  • Bug #233824 regarding /srv/bittorrent, which should be owned by the bittorrent package

  • Bug #233869 regarding /usr/share/doc/libpng10-1.0.21, which should be owned by the libpng10 package

Monday 26th March 2007

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot to 1.0.rc28

  • Updated perl-Module-Build to 0.2807

I'd previously decided that next time a perl-Module-Build update came along, I'd add one of the currently-missing optional build dependencies, so I picked perl(YAML) as the one to add. Unfortunately this meant that I also ended up needing perl(XML::Simple), and in turn perl(XML::LibXML), perl(XML::LibXML::Common), perl(XML::SAX), and perl(XML::NamespaceSupport). Now perl(XML::LibXML) has been in Fedora since Fedora Core 2 but I needed a package for Red Hat Linux 9, Fedora Core 1, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. The current XML::LibXML is very picky about the libxml2 version it's built with and I had great trouble getting a version that would work. In fact I ended up using version 1.57 and disabling the test suite. I also had to use an old version (0.35) of YAML for Red Hat Linux 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. Anyway, all of the packages build OK as they stand and have dependency closure, but what a pain...

Tuesday 27th March 2007

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Net-Server to 0.96

Thursday 29th March 2007

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 1.04

Friday 30th March 2007

Mail Tidying

Just deleted around a gigabyte of mail (about 25% of the mail on my IMAP server). This was messages more than 6 months old on a few high-traffic mailing lists I'm on. I was comfortable deleting these messages because they're available on a variety of public archive sites. It was easy to write a script to do this since I have the messages stored in maildir format on the server. It's careful to only delete messages containing some list-recognition regex so as to avoid removing personal emails that are stored in the same folder for whatever reason.

The script itself (~/bin/list-cleanse):

# list-cleanse; remove old mailing list messages from folders

# Source configuration
source ~/lib/list-cleanse.conf || exit 1

# Generate tempfile
TMPFILE1=/tmp/list-cleanse.$(id -u -n).$$.1
TMPFILE2=/tmp/list-cleanse.$(id -u -n).$$.2
trap 'rm -f $TMPFILE1 $TMPFILE2; exit 1' 1 2 15

# Iterate through lists
while [ -n "${LIST_NAME[$LISTNUM]}" ]; do
        echo "list-cleanse: processing ${LIST_NAME[$LISTNUM]}"
        if [ -z "${LIST_REGEX[$LISTNUM]}" -o -z "${LIST_FOLDER[$LISTNUM]}" -o -z "${LIST_RETENTION[$LISTNUM]}" ]; then
                echo "list-cleanse: list info incomplete for ${LIST_NAME[$LISTNUM]}" 1>&2
                exit 1
        find ${MAILDIR}/${LIST_FOLDER[$LISTNUM]}/cur -type f > $TMPFILE1
        echo "list-cleanse: files in folder: $(wc -l < $TMPFILE1)"
        rm -f $TMPFILE1
        find ${MAILDIR}/${LIST_FOLDER[$LISTNUM]}/cur -type f -mtime +${LIST_RETENTION[$LISTNUM]} > $TMPFILE1
        echo "list-cleanse: candidates for deletion: $(wc -l < $TMPFILE1)"
        xargs --max-args=1 grep --files-with-matches "${LIST_REGEX[$LISTNUM]}" < $TMPFILE1 > $TMPFILE2
        echo "list-cleanse: matched candidates: $(wc -l < $TMPFILE2)"
        xargs rm -f < $TMPFILE2
        echo "list-cleanse: folder cleansed"
        rm -f $TMPFILE1 $TMPFILE2
        let LISTNUM+=1

# Clean up

The configuration file (~/lib/list-cleanse.conf):

# Folders are relative to here







[paul@goalkeeper lib]$ du -ks ~/mail/inbox
3687784 /home/paul/mail/inbox
[paul@goalkeeper lib]$ list-cleanse 
list-cleanse: processing fedora-list
list-cleanse: files in folder: 10453
list-cleanse: candidates for deletion: 19
list-cleanse: matched candidates: 10
list-cleanse: folder cleansed
list-cleanse: processing fedora-devel-list
list-cleanse: files in folder: 21690
list-cleanse: candidates for deletion: 13893
list-cleanse: matched candidates: 13883
list-cleanse: folder cleansed
list-cleanse: processing fedora-package-review
list-cleanse: files in folder: 32573
list-cleanse: candidates for deletion: 14518
list-cleanse: matched candidates: 14517
list-cleanse: folder cleansed
list-cleanse: processing fedora-extras-commits
list-cleanse: files in folder: 59525
list-cleanse: candidates for deletion: 41129
list-cleanse: matched candidates: 41124
list-cleanse: folder cleansed
list-cleanse: processing fedora-extras-list
list-cleanse: files in folder: 29354
list-cleanse: candidates for deletion: 25577
list-cleanse: matched candidates: 25493
list-cleanse: folder cleansed
$ du -ks ~/mail/inbox
2544208 /home/paul/mail/inbox

I already see the benefit of this is faster mail reading times, and of course there will be a benefit next time I do a full backup of the server.

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