Friday 24th April 2009

Fedora Project

  • Updated spamass-milter to incorporate patches from Habeeb J. Dihu, mainly relating to the use of the milter by authenticated users:

  • Bug #496763 (spamass-milter generates a broken received header)

  • Bug #496767 (add option to allow authenticated users to bypass the milter)

  • Bug #496769 (add authentication information to Received header in spamass-milter)

The addition of the option to allow authenticated users to bypass the milter had been requested before (in Bug #437506 and private mail), and I'd previously held off doing it because:

  1. I thought this should go upstream first, and
  2. there is I think a better way of achieving the same result, namely run the milter on the MTA port only and have authenticating clients use the submission port (587) instead, where their mail will never even be seen by the milter (this is the approach I use myself).

However, it seems that there's no activity at all upstream and I imagine some users might have difficulty getting their users to use the submission port (even though it's certainly the "right thing to do" as it also avoids outbound smtp blocking that travelling users might come up against when using hotel etc. networks). So I finally gave in and applied the patch.