Paul's Blog Entries for February 2010

Monday 1st February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated bluefish to 2.0.0-rc3 (plus a couple of post-rc3 fixes) in Rawhide

  • Updated perl-Net-SSLeay to 1.36 in Rawhide

Local Packages

  • New package perl-aliased (0.30)

  • New package perl-Carp-Clan (6.04)

  • New package perl-DBM-Deep (1.0014)

  • New package perl-Declare-Constraints-Simple (0.03)

  • New package perl-Test-NoTabs (0.9)

  • Updated perl-Moose to add buildreqs perl(DBM::Deep), perl(Declare::Constraints::Simple), and perl(Test::NoTabs) for better test coverage

Tuesday 2nd February 2010

Local Packages

  • New package perl-Test-Perl-Critic (1.02)

  • Updated perl-String-Escapes to 2010.002 (added META.yml - CPAN RT#41226; changed unprintable to accept optional x in \xFF escapes; added new functions with support for more Perl escapes; added tests for new functions and previous bug reports); this is the first new release since 2002!

  • Updated perl-Test-Synopsis to add buildreq perl(Test::Perl::Critic) for better test coverage if we have Perl 5.8.8 or later

Wednesday 3rd February 2010

RPM Fusion Project

  • Rebuilt perl-Crypt-IDEA for Perl 5.10.1 in Rawhide

Local Packages

  • New package perl-Mixin-Linewise (0.002)

  • New package perl-Pod-Coverage-TrustPod (0.092830)

  • New package perl-Pod-Eventual (0.093330)

  • Updated libssh2 to 1.2.3

    • Add libssh2_trace_sethandler()

    • Add the direct_tcpip.c example

    • Fix memory leak in userauth_publickey

    • Add support for authentication via SSH-Agent
    • Fix OpenSSH server keepalive (see NEWS)

  • Updated perl-Archive-Tar to 1.56 (compatibility hack for busybox - CPAN RT#50471)

  • Updated perl-Data-Section to enable RELEASE_TESTING, adding buildreqs perl(Pod::Coverage::TrustPod), perl(Test::Pod), perl(Test::Pod::Coverage)

  • Cleaned up the perl-PPI spec a little and rebuilt it since I tend to use it as a template for new packages

Thursday 4th February 2010

Local Packages

  • New package perl-Class-Factory-Util (1.7)

  • New package perl-DateTime-Format-Builder (0.7901)

  • New package perl-DateTime-Format-MySQL (0.04)

  • New package perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime (1.1000)

  • New package perl-Test-Signature (1.10)

  • Updated perl-Moose to 0.95 and added buildreq perl(DateTime::Format::MySQL) for better test coverage

  • Merged changes from Rawhide sendmail: RPM attributes S, 5, T not recorded for statistics file; movefiles patch incorporated into aliases_dir patch; merge Fedora patches: aliases_dir, dynamic, makemapman, switchfile

Friday 5th February 2010

Local Packages

  • New package perl-FileHandle-Fmode (0.11)

  • Updated perl-DBM-Deep to add buildreq perl(FileHandle::Fmode) and enable long tests for additional test coverage

Sunday 7th February 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Moose to 0.96

  • Updated perl-PPI to 1.209

Monday 8th February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Took over maintenance of perl-Sendmail-PMilter, whose previous owner was declared AWOL; added patches addressing CPAN RT#50144 (avoiding messages like "Failed to set timeout value!" in applications), CPAN RT#51058 (handle SMFIC_DATA), and CPAN RT#51713 (POD fixes)

Local Packages

  • Updated ppp to fix file descriptor leaks by setting the close-on-exec flag where available

  • Rebuilt perl-ConfigReader-Simple, perl-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable, perl-NetAddr-IP, and perl-XML-NamespaceSupport to update to latest spec template and build for Perl 5.10.1 in development branch

  • Updated perl-Sendmail-PMilter to merge most changes from Fedora version

Tuesday 9th February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Parse-RecDescent to 1.963 (fix subtle bug in leftop and rightop due to removal of $&); I did this as much to test a curl update as for any other reason, since "make new-sources" in a Fedora SCM checkout is the only reliable way I have of checking that NSS crypto in curl works properly

Local Packages

  • New package perl-Mail-IMAPClient (3.23)

  • New package perl-Parse-RecDescent (1.963)

  • New package perl-Term-ReadKey (2.30); I had to disable the test suite for this package because although it runs fine in rpmbuild normally, it hangs in mock on my Fedora 12 buildsystem - on the Fedora buildsystem the host OS is RHEL-5 and that displays a different problem, namely a failure to open /dev/tty for reading, which leads to all of the tests being skipped anyway (I added a comment to Bug #510183 to see if anyone could figure out what was up with that)

  • Updated fetchyahoo to 2.13.8 (downloading sent messages works again; allow moving messages to a Yahoo! folder; fixed formatting for some multi-part messages) and added some extra dependencies for enhanced functionality, namely perl(IO::Socket::SSL), perl(Mail::IMAPClient), and perl(Term::ReadKey)

  • Updated curl to 7.20.0, dropping upstreamed patches and updating some of the others

  • Updated fetchyahoo to 2.13.9 (add support for debugging output and SMTP authentication, change code to make filtering on subject/sender easier, fix subject parsing for messages with attachments); dropped dependencies on perl-libwww-perl and perl-MIME-tools, replacing them with dependencies on the actual modules required, namely perl(HTML::Entities) and perl(Net::SMTP) (all other required module dependencies are picked up automatically)

Wednesday 10th February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-SQL-Translator to fix a broken dependency (perl(Parse::RecDescent) >= 1.962002); the problem was precipitated by my update of perl-Parse-RecDescent yesterday from 1.962.2 to 1.963, and is because whilst perl considers 1.963 to be "later than" 1.962002, rpm considers the reverse to be the case. The previous version 1.962.2 package managed to avoid the problem because it had an unversioned "provide" for perl(Parse::RecDescent), which rpm considers to be any version and will always satisfy a versioned dependency, whereas the new version 1.963 package explicitly "provides" perl(Parse::RecDescent) = 1.963, which fails the dependency check despite actually being a later package version.

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Pod-Coverage to update the spec to my latest template and rebuild it for perl 5.10.1 in the development branch; somehow I'd not built a Fedora 6 version of this package last time, and this was what had caused the POD coverage test failure in perl-Moose for Fedora 6 - it was building with version 1.18 from Fedora Extras instead of version 1.20 from my local repository

  • Added a couple of patches to perl-Test-NoTabs, firstly to silence a Parentheses missing around "my" list warning in old Perls (I raised CPAN RT#54477 about this issue) and secondly to fix and add a test case for CPAN RT#53727 (broken POD breaks tab detection); I had to tweak the original reporter's patch slightly to get it to work reliably though

  • Updated perl-Moose to 0.97 (fix ->reinitialize on a cached anonymous class, which destroyed the cache); I needed to add a patch to fix the "tabs" test because my patched version of perl-Test-NoTabs revealed a few tabs in the test suite that had been missed by the unpatched version (I raised CPAN RT#54478 for this issue). I also needed to update my patch to build with old versions of Test::More, and I added a versioned dependency on perl(Pod::Coverage) >= 0.20 to ensure that my Fedora 6 POD coverage issue would be more easily spotted if it happened again.

Thursday 11th February 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Moose to 0.98 (fix role application to an instance); update old-Test::More patch; also re-enabled the POD spelling test, adding a patch to improve dictionary coverage for old distributions

  • Updated perl-Test-NoTabs to 1.0 (patches upstreamed)

  • Rebuilt perl-Sub-Name for perl 5.10.1 on F-13

  • Updated perl-Sub-Uplevel to drop the bogus provide of perl(DB) and raised Bug #564309 to get this fixed in Fedora

  • Updated perl-Test-LeakTrace to filter provides for private perl shared objects and fix the spelling check test

Friday 12th February 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Archive-Zip to add upstream fix for 99_pmv.t test failure (CPAN RT#52696) and filter bogus provide of perl(NedsFileHandle)

  • Updated perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS to 2.2203 (Build.PL wasn't including ExtUtils/xsubpp for installation)

  • Updated perl-HTTP-SimpleLinkChecker to drop the explicit perl-libwww-perl dependencies and replace them with dependencies on the specific perl modules used

  • Updated perl-Sub-Identify to filter provides for private perl shared objects

  • Updated perl-Package-Generator to buildreq perl(Test::Perl::Critic) and enable Perl::Critic test for improved test coverage if we have a recent enough perl (5.8.8 or later)

  • Rebuilt perl-IO-Zlib, perl-Net-LibIDN, perl-Test-ClassAPI, perl-Test-Portability-Files, and perl-Text-Diff for perl 5.10.1 on F-13

Saturday 13th February 2010

Local Packages

  • Bumped epoch of perl-Sub-Uplevel to 1 as per the Fedora package

  • Updated perl-Test-Manifest to add manual dependencies on perl(Exporter), used in a "use base" clause

Monday 15th February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Fixed FTBFS bug (Bug #565197) in bluefish (Fedora 13) as a result of Features/ChangeInImplicitDSOLinking; in this case it was due to log10() being called in src/bftextview2.c but the resulting executable not being linked against libm; the following patch to was enough to resolve the problem:

  • --- bluefish-2.0.0-rc3/        2010-01-29 21:13:26.000000000 +0000
    +++ bluefish-2.0.0-rc3/     2010-02-15 10:10:30.636430172 +0000
    @@ -541,6 +541,9 @@
     AC_CHECK_FUNCS_ONCE([regcomp bind socket accept])
    +# log10 often requires -lm
    +AC_SEARCH_LIBS([log10], [m])
     dnl **************************
     dnl   Spell checker
     dnl **************************
  • Fixed FTBFS bug (Bug #564839) in grepmail (Fedora 13) as a result of the recent introduction into Fedora of Date::Manip version 6; I made a simple patch to resolve the issue and submitted it upstream as CPAN RT#54621:

  • --- grepmail-5.3034/grepmail.orig       2009-08-16 21:26:03.000000000 +0100
    +++ grepmail-5.3034/grepmail    2010-02-15 13:46:52.674267600 +0000
    @@ -394,7 +394,7 @@
         if (eval 'require Date::Manip')
           my ($version_number) = $Date::Manip::VERSION =~ /^(\d+\.\d+)/;
    -      Date::Manip::Date_Init("TodayIsMidnight=1") if $version_number >= 5.43;
    +      Date::Manip::Date_Init("TodayIsMidnight=1") if ($version_number >= 5.43 && $version_number < 6);
  • Fixed FTBFS bug (Bug #565173) in gtkwave (Fedora 13) as a result of Features/ChangeInImplicitDSOLinking; in this case it was due to dlopen() being called in tcl_np.c but the resulting executable not being linked against libdl; the following patch to was enough to resolve the problem:

  • --- gtkwave-3.3.2/     2009-12-25 18:41:35.000000000 +0000
    +++ gtkwave-3.3.2/  2010-02-15 15:01:28.325153921 +0000
    @@ -204,6 +204,7 @@
     # Checks for libraries.
    +AC_CHECK_LIB([dl], [dlopen])
     AC_CHECK_LIB([m], [sqrt])
     AC_CHECK_LIB([pthread], [main])

Local Packages

  • Updated bluefish as per the Fedora package

  • Updated grepmail as per the Fedora package

  • Updated gtkwave as per the Fedora package

  • Updated libssh2 to 1.2.4 (build fixes, nothing functional)

  • Updated perl-Data-OptList to 0.106

  • Updated perl-Mixin-Linewiseto 0.003 and fixed the build to run the release tests too

  • Updated ppp to move pppd2.tdb from /var/run to /var/run/ppp (Bug #560014)

  • Updated proftpd to 1.3.3rc4; I also built a test package of 1.3.2d prior to updating Fedora to that

  • Updated unrar to 3.9.9

Tuesday 16th February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Took ownership of the orphaned python-crypto package and updated it to 2.1.0 in devel

  • Updated bluefish in devel branch to 2.0.0

  • Fixed FTBFS bug (Bug #564718) in perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime. The problem causing the build failure was that perl's idea of version numbering differs from rpm's idea of it. The package had a buildreq of perl(DateTime) >= 0.4304, which is how upstream specify the requirement. However, Fedora has recently updated to perl(DateTime) version 0.53, which in perl would be fine but rpm believes this to be a lower version than 0.4304. I resolved this by bumping the buildreq to 0.44, the oldest 2-digit version that satisfies the requirement. The resulting package then got as far as building, but the test suite failed due to an incompatibility (see upstream ticket 19) with perl(DateTime::Locale) version 0.43, also recently updated in Fedora. Updating perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime to the current upstream version 1.1000 resolved that problem.

  • Updated proftpd in devel branch to 1.3.2d maintenance release

Local Packages

  • Updated bluefish to 2.0.0

  • Updated libidn to 1.18 (fix symbol export problem for a few variables); fixed doc file dependency on /usr/bin/perl for devel package

  • Updated moin for distributions with python 2.3 to 1.8.7 (fix major security issues in various parts of moin)

  • Updated perl-Params-Validate to 0.95

  • Updated perl-Parse-RecDescent to add a patch to fix uninitialized value warnings (CPAN RT#54457)

  • Updated perl-PPI to 1.210 (packaging fixes); use RELEASE_TESTING rather than AUTOMATED_TESTING for better test coverage

  • Updated proftpd to 1.3.2d maintenance release, fixing 5 upstream bugs

  • Updated python-crypto to 2.1.0

Wednesday 17th February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated bluefish in rawhide to drop buildreq libgnomeui-devel since bluefish has been ported to use GIO rather than GnomeVFS; explicitly buildreq libxml2-devel since that was only being pulled in via libgnomeui-devel

Local Packages

  • Updated bluefish as per Fedora

  • Updated davfs2 to add davfs2-1.4.5-sys_stat_h.patch to fix building on F-13, as per Fedora

  • Updated perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder to 0.2701 (compile() now accepts both string and array for 'include_dirs' argument, as documented - CPAN RT#54606)

  • Updated perl-Parse-RecDescent to 1.964 (fix bug with undefined $1 when parsing literals, fix premature namespace destruction bug with compiled grammars)

  • Updated sendmail to fix libresolv implicit DSO linking (Bug #564647) and initscript LSB compliance (Bug #561040) as per Fedora

  • Rebuilt perl-Algorithm-C3, perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction, perl-File-Find-Rule-Perl, perl-Jcode, perl-List-MoreUtils, perl-MRO-Compat, perl-Net-IP, perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta, perl-Scope-Guard, perl-Task-Weaken, perl-Test-Warn and perl-UNIVERSAL-require for perl 5.10.1 in devel branch

Thursday 18th February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Unicode-String in devel, EL-4, and EL-5 branches to carefully convert the documentation from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 encoding and add the perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_*) dependency; the documentation recoding wasn't simply a matter of the usual run through iconv because the documentation contains an example of converting strings between encodings, which would have been wrong with a blanket recoding so I used a patch to do the job more surgically instead

Local Packages

There were big changes in Rawhide today as the No Frozen Rawhide scheme hit the mirrors, resulting in builds done against the existing development tree targeting Fedora 14 rather than Fedora 13. So, I bit the bullet and re-jigged my build system (mock configs, repoclosure scripts, build scripts etc.) to support separate branched (for F-13) and rawhide (for F-14) targets, and created an fc13 repository (which still contains a number of fc12 packages as I'm part way through a mass rebuild that I need to do due to changes in dist tag macros).

  • Updated perl-FileHandle-Unget to fix versioned provide for perl(FileHandle::Unget) and add buildreq perl(Devel::Leak) for additional test coverage

  • Updated perl-Unicode-String to properly convert its documentation to UTF-8 encoding as per Fedora version

  • Rebuilt perl-Clone and perl-Unicode-Map for perl 5.10.1 in devel branches

  • Updated perl-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser to fix the versioned provides for its perl modules, i.e. provides like:

  • perl(Mail::Mbox::MessageParser) = 1.5002
  • Normally, rpm will automatically extract these from lines like this in the perl code:

  • package Mail::Mbox::MessageParser;
    $VERSION = 1.5002;
  • However, Mail::Mbox::MessageParser, for reasons best known to its author, codes it like this:

  • package Mail::Mbox::MessageParser;
    $VERSION = sprintf "%d.%02d%02d", q/1.50.2/ =~ /(\d+)/g;
  • When rpm tries to figure out the version for the provide, it comes out with:

  • perl(Mail::Mbox::MessageParser) = 02
  • There was a similar issue with perl-FileHandle-Unget but there is only one module in that package and its version number is the same as the package version number, so that could easily be handled by filtering out the auto-detected provide and adding a hard-coded provide in the spec file:

  • Provides: perl(FileHandle::Unget) = %{version}
  • That approach is no good for Mail::Mbox::MessageParser because it contains a number of sub-modules, all with different versioning. The approach I decided to take was to get perl to tell me the version number for each module when it came time to evaluate the provides for the package. I wrote this script, which takes the auto-detected provides as input, extracts the module names from them and then loads each module in turn to read its VERSION string and then write out a correctly versioned provide string to replace the auto-detected one:

  • #!/usr/bin/perl
    use lib $lib;
    # Extract module name from perl(Module::Name) = blah
    if (/^perl\((.*)\).*$/) {
            my $module = $1;
            # Require the module so we can get at its version number
            eval "require $module";
            # Grok the module's version
            my $modver = eval "\$${module}::VERSION";
            # Rewrite the output with the right version number
            print "perl($module) = $modver\n";
    } else {
            # Not a perl module reference, pass through unchanged
  • The $lib variable is set when the script is called using perl's -s switch, and is the directory where the modules can be found (since they're not installed on the build system itself). I called this script perl-module-version-filter and added it to the package as %{SOURCE1}. I then hooked it into the package build by adding these lines to the end of the %prep section of the spec:

  • # Auto provides aren't clever enough for what Mail::Mbox::MessageParser does
    %global provfilt /bin/sh -c "%{__perl_provides} | %{__perl} -n -s %{SOURCE1} -lib=%{_builddir}/%{buildsubdir}/lib"
    %define __perl_provides %{provfilt}
  • The resulting package now has the correct provides:
  • perl(Mail::Mbox::MessageParser) = 1.5002
    perl(Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Cache) = 1.3002
    perl(Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Config) = 0.0102
    perl(Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Grep) = 1.7005
    perl(Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::MetaInfo) = 0.0200
    perl(Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Perl) = 1.6005
    perl-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser = 1.5002-2.fc14

Friday 19th February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.3.3 in the devel branches, dropping the upstreamed dlopen() linking patch; the build no longer includes the obsolete helper apps mvl2lxt, mvl2vcd, tex2vcd and tla2vcd

  • Updated perl-FileHandle-Unget and perl-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser in rawhide as per my local package updates from yesterday

  • Updated proftpd in F-12, F-11, EL-5, and EL-4 to 1.3.2d

Local Packages

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.3.3, as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Archive-Tar to 1.58 ($@ not cleaned up after eval - CPAN RT#54714)

  • Updated perl-IPC-Run to add patch for CPAN RT#38193 (oversensitivity to locale), which allowed me to re-enable t/pty.t, a test that intermittently failed on some builds previously

  • Updated xz to move the xz man pages to main package rather than with the lzma ones in a sub-package (Bug #566484), as per the Fedora version

  • Rebuilt perl-Algorithm-Diff, perl-Class-Inspector, perl-Config-Tiny and perl-Convert-TNEF for perl 5.10.1 in the devel branches

  • Removed perl-Crypt-GPG from the repository as it is deprecated even by its author, and seems to be incompatible with gnupg2, so it won't work on anything recent

Saturday 20th February 2010

Local Packages

  • Rebuilt perl-Convert-BinHex, perl-Crypt-SmbHash and perl-Digest-BubbleBabble for perl 5.10.1 in devel branches

Sunday 21st February 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-File-Remove to add patch resolving build failure in t/99_pmv.t with Perl::MinimumVersion ≥ 1.22 (CPAN RT#52698)

  • Rebuilt libcurl7112 reflecting change in upstream URL - source is now relegated to archeology subdirectory and the bzipped tarball is no longer available, so I reverted to the gzipped version

  • Rebuilt libcurl7155 to fix dist tag for devel branch builds

  • Rebuilt perl-Digest-MD4, perl-Expect, perl-FreezeThaw, perl-Hook-LexWrap and perl-HTML-Lint for perl 5.10.1 in devel branches

Monday 22nd February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Sysadm-Install in Rawhide to 0.34 (documentation update and fixes for Windows), adding buildreqs and reqs for perl(Config), perl(Encode), perl(HTTP::Request) and perl(HTTP::Status) for completeness

Local Packages

  • New package libtidyp (0.99), a fork of tidy needed for HTML::Tidy 1.50

  • Updated perl-HTML-Tidy to 1.50 and managed to patch around the issues that had prevented HTML::Tidy > 1.06 building successfully with perl releases prior to 5.8.5, albeit having to skip the unicode test with perl 5.8.0; I was thus able to drop the perl-HTML-Tidy version 1.06 package that I'd retained for older distributions

  • Updated perl-MLBBM to 2.02 (new tests added, distribution upgraded); the test suite failed on some old distributions:

  • t/storable.t ......... ok
    You tried to plan twice at t/storable_dbfile.t line 10.
    # Looks like your test exited with 2 before it could output anything.
    t/storable_dbfile.t .. 
    Dubious, test returned 2 (wstat 512, 0x200)
  • This patch got it working again:
  • --- MLDBM-2.02/t/storable_dbfile.t      2007-10-11 18:36:56.000000000 +0100
    +++ MLDBM-2.02/t/storable_dbfile.t      2010-02-22 09:25:00.790737882 +0000
    @@ -4,13 +4,15 @@
     use MLDBM qw(DB_File Storable);
     use Data::Dumper;
     use strict;
    -use Test::More tests => 9;
    +use Test::More;
    +eval { require Storable; require DB_File; };
    +if ($@) {
    +  plan skip_all => "Optional module (DB_File,Storable) not installed";
    +} else {
    +  plan tests => 9;
    -plan skip_all => "Optional module (DB_File,Storable) not installed"
    -  unless eval {
    -               require Storable;
    -               require DB_File;
    -              };
     tie my %o, 'MLDBM', 'testmldbm', O_CREAT|O_RDWR, 0640 or die $!;
     my $c_scalar = 'c';
  • I reported the problem and submitted the patch upstream in CPAN RT#54911

  • Updated perl-Module-CoreList to 2.26 (updated for 5.11.5)

  • Rebuilt xv and xxdiff to fix dist tag for devel branch builds

Tuesday 23rd February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Fixed FTBFS bug (Bug #564928) in gtorrentviewer as a result of Features/ChangeInImplicitDSOLinking; in this case it was due to ceil() being called in mainwindow.c but the resulting executable not being linked against libm; the following patch to (and the changes from re-running the autotools) was basically enough to resolve the problem:

  • --- GTorrentViewer-0.2b/    2004-10-26 04:03:39.000000000 +0100
    +++ GTorrentViewer-0.2b/    2010-02-15 16:19:21.000000000 +0000
    @@ -112,5 +112,8 @@
     AC_CHECK_FUNCS([memchr memmove memset modf])
    +# ceil() requires libm
    +AC_CHECK_LIB([m], [ceil])
     AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile src/Makefile pixmaps/Makefile data/Makefile po/])
  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL in devel branches to 1.32 (die in Makefile.PL if Scalar::Util has no dualvar support)

Local Packages

  • Updated curl to fix FTBFS bug due to not linking curl and some of the test cases to librt (as per Fedora version)

  • Updated gtorrentviewer as per the Fedora package

  • Updated libgcrypt to 1.4.5

  • Updated perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder to 0.2702 (compile() changes in 0.2701 fixed to work on Windows too)

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 1.32 as per the Fedora package

  • Rebuilt perl-HTTP-Size and perl-IO-Multiplex for perl 5.10.1 in devel branches

Wednesday 24th February 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot to merge the dovecot-sieve and dovecot-managesieve subpackages into dovecot-pigeonhole and merge dovecot-sqlite, dovecot-gssapi and dovecot-ldap into the main dovecot package, as per the Fedora version

  • Updated trac-accountmanager-plugin to svn revision 7707 (fixes upstream tickets 3401, 4125, 6329, 6453, 6464)

  • Updated weblint++ to drop the explicit dependency on perl-libwww-perl (it's detected automatically), buildreq perl(LWP::UserAgent) instead of perl-libwww-perl, and add many manual runtime deps for enhanced functionality

  • Rebuilt weblint for perl 5.10.1 in devel branches

  • Rebuilt libnet, moin-macro-MiniPage, moin-macro-TitleIndexNonPersonal, tcptraceroute, torrentsniff and tzip to fix dist tags for devel branches

Thursday 25th February 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated bittorrent 4.4.0 to fix the deprecation warnings from the use of the sha module on python 2.6 by using hashlib instead of sha where available, and also updated the fastresume patch (originally created for Bug #245421) as there was a similar problem reading the fastresume file to the one writing it

  • Updated bittorrent (5.3) to fix the deprecation warnings from the use of the sha module on python 2.6 by using hashlib instead of sha where available (completely different patch to the one for 4.4.0), and also suppressed some log messages resulting from mis-parsing utorrent messages

  • Updated libpng10 to 1.0.53

  • Updated proftpd to 1.3.3 (fixing upstream bugs 3389 and 3397), and dropped the previous stable version 1.3.2d

  • Rebuilt libcares140, libxml2, libxslt and mgdiff to fix dist tags for devel builds

  • Rebuilt bw-whois, perl-Convert-UUlib, perl-IO-String, perl-XML-LibXML, and perl-XML-LibXSLT for perl 5.10.1 in devel branches

Fedora Project

  • Updated libpng10 to 1.0.53 in devel branches

  • Updated proftpd to 1.3.3 in devel branches

Friday 26th February 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated bittorrent (still at 4.4.0 in Fedora) in the devel branches to fix the sha deprecation warnings and fastresume as per my local package fix yesterday

Local Packages

  • Updated libgpg-error to turn off common lisp bindings the right way, build with --disable-rpath, and retain timestamps where possible

  • Rebuilt perl-Array-Compare, perl-IO-Tty, perl-IPC-Run3, perl-LMAP-CID2SPF, perl-Mail-Sender, perl-Mail-SPF-Query and perl-Probe-Perl for perl 5.10.1 in devel branches

Saturday 27th February 2010

Local Packages

  • Rebuilt perl-Mail-SPF-Test and perl-MIME-tools for perl 5.10.1 in devel branches

Sunday 28th February 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated getlive to 0.58 (plus a further update from CVS), with new Mode 201002 needed due to recent Hotmail changes

  • Rebuilt perl-Module-Info and perl-Params-Util for perl 5.10.1 in devel branches

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