Paul's Blog Entries for July 2010

Thursday 1st July 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Test-Differences to 0.500 in Rawhide

Friday 2nd July 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated libpng10 to 1.0.54 in all current releases, addressing CVE-2010-1205 (out-of-bounds write to memory) and CVE-2010-2249 (memory leak with images having malformed sCAL chunks)

  • Built perl-Net-CIDR-Lite (0.21) in EPEL-6 on behalf of StevenPritchard as it was needed for other modules

  • Updated proftpd in F-13, EL-6 and Rawhide to 1.3.3a:

    • Added Japanese translation
    • Many mod_sftp bugfixes

    • Fixed SSL_shutdown() errors caused by OpenSSL 0.9.8m and later

    • Fixed handling of utmp/utmpx format changes on FreeBSD

Local Packages

  • Updated libpng10 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated proftpd as per the Fedora version

Saturday 3rd July 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated python-zope-filesystem to require python-setuptools for the pkg_resources module (Bug #611098) and to build-require python2 rather than just python and add a copyright notice and license to (Bug #611097)

Monday 5th July 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot (2.0) to 2.0.rc1:

    • added man pages, mostly written by Pascal Volk
    • dsync syntax changed, although it's still compatible with old syntax

    • dsync backup command added

    • dsync should now be stable

    • LMTP proxying supports director

    • director should now be stable

    • single-dbox should now be stable

    • mdbox locking behaviour modified to avoid deadlocks

    • fsync_disable=no was renamed to mail_fsync = optimized (default)

    • fsync_disable=yes was renamed to mail_fsync = never

    • added a new mail_fsync = always

  • Updated gnome-libs to drop the automake dependency from the devel package from Fedora 14, where %{_datadir}/aclocal is part of the filesystem package, drop the manual pkgconfig dependency from the devel package from Fedora 11, where this dependency is auto-detected, and use xdg-open rather than htmlview for EL-6 onwards

  • Updated java-1.6.0-sun (see SunJava6OnFedora) to use as the browser plug-in for all architectures since the old doesn't work any more, at least in Fedora 13; this is because is required for Firefox 3.6 onwards

  • Updated perl-DateTime to update DateTime to 0.60 (by default, Dist::Zilla generates a Build.PL that requires Module::Build ≥ 0.3601 but this distro really doesn't need any particular version)

  • Updated perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS to 2.2206:

  • Updated the python-twisted stack to 10.1.0 for releases with python ≥ 2.4, sticking with 10.0.0 for older releases since 10.1.0 requires python ≥ 2.4

  • Included wxGTK (2.8.10) in the EL-6 repository since it's been dropped from EL-6 in Beta 2 and it was needed by compat-wxGTK26

Fedora Project

  • Updated gnome-libs as per the local package

Wednesday 7th July 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.3.9 in Rawhide; I had to disable parallel build because of a race condition whilst making vermin:

    • changed accelerator for Quit to conform to Gnome guidelines

    • fix crash that can occur in RemoveTrace

  • Raised Bug #612139 requesting that perl-BerkeleyDB be built against libdb (Berkeley DB 5.0.x) in Rawhide and offering to co-maintain the package

  • Raised Bug #612155 requesting that Judy be updated to 1.0.5 and branched for EPEL, and also offering to co-maintain the package

  • Became co-maintainer of pari and updated it to fix the xdvi dependency problem by applying a patch to get it to use xdg-open instead and require mimehandler(application/x-dvi) in the pari-gp package rather than the main pari package (Bug #530565)

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot and pigeonhole to their 20100707 snapshots

  • Updated gtkwave as per the Fedora package

  • Rebuilt perl-BerkeleyDB for Berkeley DB 5.0.26 in Rawhide

  • Updated perl-PPI to 1.213:

    • Updated to Module::Install 1.00

    • Updated module dependencies in xt author tests

    • Fixed extremely broken PPI::Token::Pod::merge and added test case

  • I had to update my patch to support building with Test::More < 0.86 and create a new patch for building with Perl::MinimumVersion 1.20 for older releases, cater for the maintainer tests being moved to the xt/ directory, and add new buildreqs perl(File::Find::Rule) ≥ 0.32, perl(File::Find::Rule::Perl) ≥ 1.09, perl(Perl::MinimumVersion) ≥ 1.20 and perl(Test::MinimumVersion) ≥ 0.101080 for the release tests

Thursday 8th July 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated pari to clean up the packaging and built an update for F-13 to address Bug #530565

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Test-Differences to add a manual dependency on perl(Text::Diff) ≥ 0.35, which wasn't automatically detected by rpm

Friday 9th July 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated ORBit in Rawhide and introduced it in EL-6:

    • Manual dependency of devel package on pkgconfig not needed from F-11, EL-6

    • %{_datadir}/aclocal included in filesystem package from F-14 so no need to own the directory ourselves

    • BR: glibc-static for EL-6 onwards

  • Built gnome-libs for EL-6, needed for the spacechart package

  • Updated pari and perl-Math-Pari to pari 2.3.5 in Rawhide

  • perl-Test-NoTabs was finally pushed to stable in EPEL-4 and EPEL-5 so I was able to build perl-Test-EOL for those releases at last

  • Became the new maintainer of Judy and requested branches for EPEL

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Archive-Tar to 1.64:

    • Remove the PERL_CORE specific chdir from all the tests

    • Improvements to file skipping (CPAN RT#58916)

    • Don't assume all filenames are IO::Handles (CPAN RT#59150)

Sunday 18th July 2010

Just back from a nice holiday at West Bay Holiday Park in Dorset.

Local Packages

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.3.10:

    • parallel build fix upstreamed
    • fix free of non-malloc'd address due to context changing in Tcl scripts

    • updated vcd2fst so it is compatible with VerilatedVcd writer

    • read hierarchy reconstruction hardening in fstapi.c

    • check return code for hierarchy generation in fst2vcd.c

    • updated example to reflect Quit name change

    • updated repscript_timer so it prints stack trace

  • Updated xv to drop the dependency on man for RHEL-5 onwards; it was there for ownership of the /usr/share/man/{fi,pl} directories, which are owned by the filesystem package since RHEL-5 (the man package was dropped from Rawhide recently and it became a broken dependency for xv)

Fedora Project

  • Updated Judy to 1.0.5 in Rawhide and built it for the first time in EPEL for EL-4, EL-5 and EL-6

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.3.10 in Rawhide and built it for the first time in EPEL for EL-6

Monday 19th July 2010

RPM Fusion Project

  • Updated xv to drop the dependency on man for RHEL-5 onwards; it was there for ownership of the /usr/share/man/{fi,pl} directories, which are owned by the filesystem package since RHEL-5 (the man package was dropped from Rawhide recently and it became a broken dependency for xv)

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot (1.2.12) to not attempt to use Linux 2.6 epoll for targets that use Linux 2.4 kernels

  • Updated dovecot (2.0) to update dovecot and pigeonhole to 20100716 build, enabled pigeonhole's build time test suite and fixed dovecot not to try to use Linux 2.6 epoll for targets that use Linux 2.4 kernels

  • Updated perl-DateTime to update DateTime to 0.61:

    • Fix the --pp flag for the Build.PL (CPAN RT#59421)

    • Include my spelling test patches in upstream distribution
  • Updated perl-DBI to 1.612 (lots of changes, too many to mention here)

  • Updated perl-DBM-Deep to 2.0000:

    • This version is not fully compatible with 1.002x and changes the file format

    • Databases from DBM::Deep 1.0003 and higher can still be opened

    • Newly-created databases automatically use the version 2.x format
    • Version 1.x cannot open version 2.x format databases
    • The optimize method upgrades it as it creates a new database

    • There is a new db_version method

    • The File back end now supports Unicode for new databases

    • New external_refs mode

    • Numeric comparison of DBM::Deep objects now works

    • Deletions now work properly in the DBI back end

    • A memory leak caused by misuse of field hashes has been fixed
    • perl 5.8.4 is now required

    • Fixed compilation and overloading under perl 5.8.x

  • Updated perl-NetAddr-IP to 4.029:

    • In NetAddr::IP::Lite, add support for the sub "new" to resolve host6 names if the optional perl Socket6 module is available

  • Updated perl-Net-Server to 0.99, adding BR: perl(Time::HiRes):

    • Add SSLeay proto - finally a workable SSL solution

    • Add minimal Net::Server::TiedHandle for STD{IN,OUT} to work with SSLeay

    • Net::Server::TiedHandle now supports tied_stdin_callback and tied_stdout_callback

    • Allow for port => 0, which lets the OS auto assign a port on some OSes

    • Add idle_loop_hook to PreForkSimple and PreFork

    • Add consistent formatting capabilities to the log method

    • Warn when default listen value is used - try to make it a sensible default

    • Allow for non-zero exit value - particularly when called from fatal

    • Add customizable check_for_spawn and min_child_ttl settings in PreFork

    • Add other_child_died_hook

    • Make Multiplex do $mux->add($sock) for UDP sockets

    • Change Net::Server::Daemonize to use kill 0 rather than the unportable ps

    • Fix calling conventions of MultiType

    • Avoid select in SSLeay that was allowing for infinite spin loop

    • Fix tie_stdout mode to not warn about unopen handles

    • Added Net::Server::HTTP base class for basic HTTP daemon handling

    • Change examples/httpd to use Net::Server::HTTP

  • Updated perl-PadWalker to 1.92:

    • Remove "Jobsian dot file cruft"
    • Add patch from Fuji, Goro, correcting earlier patch from Yuval Kogman
  • Updated perl-Perl-MinimumVersion update to 1.25

    • Error in minimum_syntax_reason discovered by perl 5.12

  • Updated perl-YAML-Tiny to 1.43:

    • No functional changes
    • Don't import Carp 'croak' any more, saving a few K

  • Updated sendmail to add the license text to the milter subpackage

Wednesday 21st July 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot (2.0) to 2.0.rc3 and pigeonhole to today's snapshot

    • fixed lda + sieve crash

    • added mail_temp_dir setting; default is /tmp

    • imap: fixed checking if list=children namespace has children

    • mdbox: race condition fixes related to copying and purging

  • Updated perl-Module-CoreList to 2.36 (updated for 5.13.3)

sftp fix

I've been having trouble connecting to my machine using sftp recently:

$ sftp roary
Received message too long 1650553704

The "Received message too long" error is usually due to having something in ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile that generates output, which confuses sftp. After much experimentation, I tracked it down to /etc/profile.d/, which adds a command-not-found handler in bash, and somehow this was being invoked during the sftp login though I couldn't see any trace of it using regular ssh.

So the simplest fix for me was to just remove it:

# yum remove PackageKit-command-not-found

And lo, sftp worked again:

$ sftp roary
Connected to roary.

Thursday 22nd July 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-NetAddr-IP to 4.030:

    • Resolve named hosts in using gethostbyname, followed by gethostbyname6 to determine whether to set ipV6 flag

  • Updated perl-Perl-MinimumVersion to 1.26:

    • Detect "package NAME VERSION" in 5.12

    • Detect "..." (yada yada yada) in 5.12

    • Detect "use feature ':5.12';" in 5.12

Friday 23rd July 2010

Fedora Project

  • Raised Bug #617625 on ppp in Rawhide, which currently fails to build from source with this error:

  • In file included from plugin.c:53:0:
    /usr/include/linux/if_pppox.h:75:25: error: field 'pppol2tp' has incomplete type
  • The problem is that ppp bundles a copy of the linux/if_pppol2tp.h kernel header, which has been modified in recent kernels to add support for L2TPv3, specifically by adding a definition for struct pppol2tpv3_addr, which is needed by linux/if_pppox.h, which has similarly been updated for L2TPv3. The build fails because the preprocessor uses the bundled copy of linux/if_pppol2tp.h rather than the system one and hence can't find the definition of struct pppol2tpv3_addr, resulting in the error. The simplest fix is just to patch the bundled copy of linux/if_pppol2tp.h to include the struct pppol2tpv3_addr definition, as with this patch:

  • --- ppp-2.4.5/include/linux/if_pppol2tp.h       2009-11-16 22:26:07.000000000 +0000
    +++ ppp-2.4.5/include/linux/if_pppol2tp.h       2010-07-16 22:35:22.000000000 +0100
    @@ -32,6 +32,20 @@
            __u16 d_tunnel, d_session;      /* For sending outgoing packets */
    +/* The L2TPv3 protocol changes tunnel and session ids from 16 to 32
    + * bits. So we need a different sockaddr structure.
    + */
    +struct pppol2tpv3_addr {
    +       pid_t   pid;                    /* pid that owns the fd.
    +                                        * 0 => current */
    +       int     fd;                     /* FD of UDP or IP socket to use */
    +       struct sockaddr_in addr;        /* IP address and port to send to */
    +       __u32 s_tunnel, s_session;      /* For matching incoming packets */
    +       __u32 d_tunnel, d_session;      /* For sending outgoing packets */
     /* Socket options:
      * DEBUG       - bitmask of debug message categories
      * SENDSEQ     - 0 => don't send packets with sequence numbers
  • {i} Update: Further patching is needed for current kernels - see entry for 29th May 2012

  • Submitted a tidyp package for review

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Module-Build to include inc::latest in the Rawhide build again, now that Bug #607505 is resolved

  • Updated ppp to fix the Rawhide build as per the Fedora version, and to include updated patches from Fedora, namely to fix a missing line in the example script ip-up.local.add (#613717) and to include the pppol2tp plug-ins (#572174); curiously, the latter bug is only currently fixed in Fedora 12

Saturday 24th July 2010

Local Packages

  • Updated java-1.6.0-sun to, though I haven't updated SunJava6OnFedora yet; the license is now the Oracle Corporation Binary Code License

Monday 26th July 2010

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Compress-Raw-Lzma and perl-IO-Compress-Lzma to 2.030 in Rawhide

  • Updated perl-Compress-Raw-Lzma for Fedora 13 and raised a buildroot override tag request for it and the other perl-Compress-Raw-* modules (built by Petr Sabata) so that perl-IO-Compress and then perl-IO-Compress-Lzma can be built and released together as a single update

  • Ivana Varekova agreed to maintain aspell-en in EPEL-6, which will enable me to build perl-Text-Aspell and perl-Text-SpellChecker

Local Packages

  • New package perl-Package-DeprecationManager (0.04)

  • Updated dovecot (1.x) to 1.2.13:

    • acl: don't use INBOX's ACLs as default ACLs if their paths are the same

    • Fixed iconv() crash processing several kilobytes of broken continuous input

    • Don't log cache corruption errors if MIME encoded-words contain line feeds
    • mbox: renaming mailbox under newly created dir didn't move index directory

    • mbox: fix generation of envelope to From_-line

  • Updated perl-Class-MOP to 1.04, adding buildreq perl(Package::DeprecationManager):

    • Class::MOP::Deprecated now uses Package::DeprecationManager internally

    • Deprecation warnings are now only issued once for each calling package
    • Request API version should now be passed in the "-api_version" flag, though the old "-compatible" flag will continue to work

  • Updated perl-DBI to 1.613

    • Fixed Win32 prerequisite module from PathTools to File::Spec

    • Changed attribute headings and fixed references in DBI pod

    • Corrected typos in DBI::FAQ and DBI::ProxyServer

  • Updated the entire perl-IO-Compress stack (perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2, perl-Compress-Raw-Lzma, perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib, perl-IO-Compress-Lzma, and perl-IO-Compress) to 2.030:

    • Compress::Raw::Zlib - ran the zlib2ansi script against the files in zlib-src

    • Compress::Raw::Zlib - added "-DNO_VIZ" to DEFINE in Makefile.PL

    • IO::Compress::Zip - updates to documentation

    • IO::Compress::Zip - default value for ExtAttr on Unix changed to 0100644

    • IO::Uncompress::Unzip - reworked the "Name" option and examples in the pod

    • IO::Uncompress::Base - fixed problem with nextStream not returning 0

  • Updated perl-Moose to 1.09 (lots of changes), and bumped Class::MOP requirement to 1.04

Tuesday 27th July 2010

Fedora Project

  • Submitted a perl-Package-DeprecationManager package for review

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot (1.x) to run the sieve test suite during the build process

  • Updated flex-new to declare yyget_column and yyset_column in reentrant mode (Bug #612465)

  • Updated perl-Archive-Tar to 1.66 and added a runtime dependency on perl(IO::String) for creation of stringified archives:

  • Updated perl-DateTime to update DateTime::TimeZone to 1.20:

    • Based on version 2010k of the Olson database
    • Updates for Egypt, Finland (historical only), and Mexico
    • Rename Pacific/Truk to Pacific/Chuuk and Pacific/Ponape to Pacific/Pohnpei

  • Updated perl-Hook-LexWrap to 0.23, fixing line endings on documentation and adding the demo directory as extra documentation; I had to fix a logic error in Makefile.PL that prevented it building with ExtUtils::MakeMaker < 6.31 (raised as CPAN RT#59725)

Wednesday 28th July 2010

Local Packages

  • New package smf-sav (1.4.0)

  • New package smf-spf (2.0.2)

  • Wrote SELinux policy for smf-sav and smf-spf

  • Updated perl-Pod-Coverage to 0.21 (add SCALAR to the stoplist - implementation method for tied hashes)

  • Mass rebuild of all python packages for python 2.7 in Rawhide: bittorrent, compat-wxPython26, getmail, libxml2, libxslt, moin*, nmap, python-crypto, python-fpconst, python-twisted-*, python-zope-filesystem, python-zope-interface, svnmailer, trac-accountmanager-plugin, xxdiff

Friday 30th July 2010

Fedora Project

It's been a busy day in the Fedora Project, with the migration from cvs to git, Fedora 14 being branched from Rawhide, and the mass rebuild for python 2.7 all happening around the same time. I've no previous experience with git so it's all a bit new to me but I think I'm getting the hang of it, slowly.

  • Updated perl-Package-Stash in all branches to version 0.05 (it needed perl-Test-EOL, which has only just been pushed to stable in EPEL)

  • Built perl-Text-Aspell in EPEL-6 now that aspell-en is available

  • Built perl-Text-SpellChecker in EPEL-6 now that perl-Text-Aspell is available

I will no doubt be branching my own local repository for Fedora 14 next week.

Saturday 31st July 2010

Fedora Project

  • New package perl-Package-DeprecationManager (0.04) built for F-12, F-13, F-14, Rawhide, EL-5 and EL-6

  • Updated perl-Test-CPAN-Meta from 0.13 to 0.17 in Rawhide and F-14, needed for perl-PPI 1.213:

    • Fix CPAN RT#46473: license url with fragment part

    • Fix CPAN RT#47393: "optional_features" as map rather than list

    • Renamed word() to keyword()

    • Added identifier() validation

    • Changed optional_features key from a keyword to an identifier type

    • Clarified spec defined and user defined keys
    • Fixed qr// delimiters due to issues with the NOT SIGN symbol

  • Updated perl-Test-Pod from 1.42 to 1.44 in Rawhide and F-14, needed for perl-PPI 1.213:

    • Use Module::Build::Compat's "traditional" configuration

    • Loosen version requirements for Test::More and Pod::Simple

    • Add File::Spec to the list of prereqs

  • Having become co-maintainer of perl-PPI, I updated it in Rawhide to 1.213: I needed at least 1.208 for my submission of perl-PPIx-Utilities but the current version was the quite ancient 1.206

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