Paul's Blog Entries for July 2016

Friday 1st July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Submitted a perl-Specio (0.24) package for review

  • Updated perl-Test-Vars to 0.010 in Rawhide:

    • Fix for pp_match in Perl 5.22+ (GH#23)

Local Packages

  • New package perl-Specio (0.24)

  • Updated perl-Moose (2.1804) to enable Specio testing now that it's packaged and available

  • Updated perl-Test-Vars to 0.010 as per the Fedora version

Saturday 2nd July 2016

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Test2-Suite to 0.000045:

    • Restructure to try to solve read-only problem

    • Add DF() short-cut

    • Spelling and POD fixes

Sunday 3rd July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-MCE to 1.801 in Rawhide:

    • Fixed race condition in Queue->await

    • MCE 1.801 is stable on all supported platforms

    • Completed work supporting cyclical include of MCE Core / Models
    • Updated MCE to support Perl included with Git Bash

    • Renamed temp dir from 'mce' to 'Perl-MCE' under user's %TEMP% location on Windows, e.g. Native Perl, Cygwin, Git Bash

  • Updated perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta to 1.4422 in Rawhide:

    • Fixed use of Encode in load_json_string

  • Updated perl-Path-Tiny to 0.096 in Rawhide:

    • Improved method for hiding some modules during tests
  • Updated perl-YAML to 1.16 in Rawhide:

    • Drop inconsistent $VERSION from YAML::Mo (GH#158)

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-MCE to 1.801 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta to 1.4422 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Path-Tiny to 0.096 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-YAML to 1.16 as per the Fedora version

Monday 4th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-MCE to 1.802 in Rawhide:

    • Default to Storable for serialization in Perl less than v5.12.0; Sereal 3.008+, if available, is loaded automatically in Perl v5.12+

  • Updated perl-Test-Simple to 1.302037 in Rawhide:

    • Restore PerlIO layer cloning on STDERR and STDOUT

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot to 2.2.25:

    • lmtp: Start tracking lmtp_user_concurrency_limit and reject already at RCPT TO stage, which avoids MTA unnecessarily completing DATA only to get an error

    • doveadm: Previously, only mail settings were read from protocol doveadm { .. } section: now, all settings are

    • quota: Added quota_over_flag_lazy_check setting, which avoids checking quota_over_flag always at startup; instead, it's checked only when quota is being read for some other purpose

    • auth: Added a new auth policy service:

    • auth: Added PBKDF2 password scheme

    • auth: Added %{auth_user}, %{auth_username} and %{auth_domain}

    • auth: Added ":remove" suffix to extra field names to remove them

    • auth: Added "delay_until=<timestamp>[+<max random secs>]" passdb extra field; the auth will wait until <timestamp> and optionally some randomness and then return success

    • dict proxy: Added idle_msecs=<n> parameter; support async operations

    • Performance improvements for handling large mailboxes
    • Added lib-dcrypt API for providing cryptographic functions

    • Added "doveadm mailbox update" command

    • IMAP commands' output now includes timing spent on the "syncing" stage if it's larger than 0
    • cassandra: Added metrics=<path> to connect setting to output internal statistics in JSON format every second to <path>

    • doveadm mailbox delete: Added -e parameter to delete only empty mailboxes; added --unsafe option to quickly delete a mailbox, bypassing lazy_expunge and quota plugins

    • doveadm user and auth cache flush are now available via doveadm-server

    • doveadm service stop <services> will stop specified services while leaving the rest of Dovecot running

    • Quota optimization: Avoid reading mail sizes for backends that don't need them (count, fs, dirsize)

    • Added mailbox { autoexpunge_max_mails=<n> } setting

    • Added welcome plugin:

    • fts: Added fts_autoindex_exclude setting

    • v2.2.24's MIME parser was assert-crashing on mails having truncated MIME headers
    • auth: With multiple userdbs the final success/failure result wasn't always correct: the last userdb's result was always used

    • doveadm backup was sometimes deleting entire mailboxes unnecessarily

    • doveadm: Command -parameters weren't being sent to doveadm-server

    • If dovecot.index read failed e.g. because mmap() reached VSZ limit, an empty index could have been opened instead, corrupting the mailbox state

    • imapc: Fixed EXPUNGE handling when imapc_features didn't have modseq

    • lazy-expunge: Fixed a crash when copying failed, plus various other fixes

    • fts-lucene: Fixed crash on index rescan

    • auth_stats=yes produced broken output

    • dict-ldap: Various fixes

    • dict-sql: NULL values crashed; now they're treated as "not found"

  • I had to add a couple of fixes from upstream to get it to build on older distributions

  • Updated perl-MCE to 1.802 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Test2 to 1.302037 as per the Fedora perl-Test-Simple package

  • Updated perl-Test2-Suite to 0.000048:

    • ref-ref's can be used in deep comparisons
    • Fix mocking to override a base class's method
    • Fix global destruction warning
    • Minor test fix to keep 5.8 working

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-DateTime to 1.34 in Rawhide:

    • Added the leap second coming on December 31, 2016
  • Updated perl-DateTime (1.28) in F-24 and perl-DateTime (1.18) in F-23 to add the leap second coming on December 31, 2016

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-Client to 1.019000 in Rawhide:

    • Added support for download_url endpoint

    • Default domain set by providing 'version' - makes it easy to work with v1

    • Added missing 'download_url' attribute to file/module result objects

  • Updated perl-YAML to 1.17 in Rawhide:

    • Use Mo 0.40

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-DateTime to 1.34 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-List-MoreUtils to 0.416:

    • Change the way how the XS part is loaded as a result of CPAN RT#115808

    • Fix some spelling errors (CPAN RT#115807)

    • Requires XSLoader 0.22 (not reflected in rpm dependencies)

  • Updated perl-Mail-Sender (0.901) to bump epoch as per the Fedora Rawhide version updated by spot earlier today

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-Client to 1.019000 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-YAML to 1.17 as per the Fedora version

Thursday 7th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-List-MoreUtils to 0.416 in Rawhide, as per yesterday's local update

Local Packages

  • Updated python-twisted to 16.3.0 (see NEWS for details)

Friday 8th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-GDGraph to 1.53 in Rawhide:

    • Fix 'Illegal division by zero' when x_min_value and x_max_value are defined and x_tick_number set to 'auto' (CPAN RT#73185, GH#12)

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.031 in Rawhide:

    • Utils::CERT_create - don't add given extensions again if they were already added; Firefox croaks with sec_error_extension_value_invalid if (specific?) extensions are given twice

    • Assume that Net::SSLeay::P_PKCS12_load_file will return the CA certificates with the reverse order as in the PKCS12 file, because that's what it does

    • Support for creating ECC keys in Utils once supported by Net::SSLeay

    • Remove internal sub session_cache and access cache directly (faster)

  • Updated perl-YAML-LibYAML to 0.63 in Rawhide:

    • Fix memory leaks (GH#48)

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.031 as per the fedora version

  • Updated perl-Net-FTPSSL to 0.33:

    • Behaviour change: Since many OpenSSL libraries are tightening their security, I'm adding a new option to preserve backwards compatibility:
      • By default this module now reuses the context of the command channel when opening a data channel
      • If you need to revert back to the previous default of not reusing the context for data channels, you must now use option "DisableContext => 1" to do so; hopefully the need for this option will be rare

      • See the POD for more details
    • Behaviour change: Added support for SNI in the SSL handshake
    • Changed logic on how to detect if a default "SSL_verify_mode" value needed to be set to VERIFY_NONE() for the caller in new()

    • Can now pass SSL options directly to new():

      • You no longer need to use the "SSL_Client_Certificate" option to pass the hash reference of SSL options

      • Currently only recognises IO::Socket::SSL options that start with SSL_

      • If any start with something else, they will be addressed in a future release
    • Clarified some POD information on a few methods
    • Enhanced "size" function to use STAT if SIZE isn't available

    • Fixed case where sometimes the login account used wasn't being masked in the response in the logs
    • Now print the INET version in the log file
    • Reset $ERRSTR in new() in case previous call had errors

    • Fixed t/10-complex.t func run_stat_test() to test the "is_file" and "is_dir()" functions; some tests disable the "SIZE" command so it can test the new alternate size logic as well

    • New test program t/05-simple.t that does a simple read only test against the FTPS server

      • Added so that you can run a simple test against servers you don't want to upload anything to during the tests
      • These tests are not as robust as the t/10-complex.t tests so failures here are not as meaningful; hence, run t/10-complex if you encounter any issues for more analysis

    • Added t/05-simple.t to the MANIFEST

    • Updated the Copyright in the README file, and reworded a few sections

    • Updated all t/*.t files to add a retry the 1st time they try to connect to a server via new(); added a hard coded "SSL_cipher_list" value if the defaults don't work (this kludge might not work for everyone)

    • Modified t/20-certificate.t to be a bit more robust

    • Note: Found a server where supported() doesn't completely work; that server fails to put a "*" after some of the commands it didn't implement

  • Updated perl-YAML-LibYAML to 0.63 as per the Fedora version

Saturday 9th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Text-CSV_XS to 1.24 in Rawhide:

    • Fix typo in docs example code (GH#4)

    • Set auto-wrap on for csv2xls with embedded newlines

    • Add examples/csv2xlsx, the MSExcel-2007+ version of csv2xls; includes new feature to merge multiple CSV's into a single xlsx

    • Slight modification in examples
    • Fix parse error in complex option combo (CPAN RT#115953)

  • Updated perl-YAML to 1.18 in Rawhide:

    • List Test::More as a prereq (GH#161)

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Text-CSV_XS to 1.24 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-YAML to 1.18 as per the Fedora version

Sunday 10th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Test-Simple to 1.302040 in Rawhide:

    • Fix broken MANIFEST.SKIP entries (#689)

    • Add Info event for better diagnostics

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Test2 to 1.302040 as per the Fedora perl-Test-Simple package

  • Updated perl-Test2-Suite to 0.000050:

    • Documentation fixes
    • Add U() quick check to Test2::Tools::Compare

Monday 11th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated GeoIP-GeoLite-data to the July 2016 databases in F-23, F-24, rawhide, EPEL-5 and EPEL-6

  • Updated perl-MCE to 1.803 in Rawhide:

    • Re-enabled Sereal 3.008+ for Perl < v5.12.0, if available

    • Optimized dequeue methods in MCE::Queue

  • Updated perl-Socket6 to 0.28 in Rawhide:

    • aclocal.m4 (IPv6_CHECK_INET_NTOP): inet_ntop(3) may return an IPv4-compatible IPv6 address (CPAN RT#113950)

Local Packages

  • Updated GeoIP-GeoLite-data to the July 2016 databases as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-MCE to 1.803 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Socket6 to 0.28 as per the Fedora version

Tuesday 12th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated milter-greylist to 4.6.1 in Rawhide:

    • Fix DKIM ACL evaluation
  • Note that DKIM support is not currently enabled in the Fedora package
  • Updated perl-Getopt-Long-Descriptive to 0.100 in Rawhide:

    • Show off "shortcircuit" in synopsis
    • Fix rendering of complex types ('i@' → 'INT...', etc.)

  • Updated perl-indirect to 0.37 in Rawhide:

    • A large chunk of boilerplate XS code, which is also used in other XS modules, has been factored out of the main .xs file to a collection of .h files in the xsh subdirectory

    • Fixed intermittent segfaults with heredocs (CPAN RT#115392)

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.032 in Rawhide:

    • Set session id context only on the server side; even if the documentation for SSL_CTX_set_session_id_context makes clear that this function is server side only, it actually affects handling of session reuse on the client side too and can result in error "SSL3_GET_SERVER_HELLO:attempt to reuse session in different context" at the client

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-Client to 1.020000 in Rawhide:

    • Added support for Author->release_count and Author->links methods

    • Added support for url_prefix parameter for Pod

  • Updated perl-MouseX-Getopt (0.36) in Rawhide to fix FTBFS with Getopt::Long::Descriptive 0.100 (

Local Packages

  • Updated getmail to 4.50.0:

    • Maybe fix handling of OSX keychain passwords containing double-quote chars
    • Fix getmail erroring out on IMAP folders containing i18n chars

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.032 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Mail-Sender to 0.902:

    • Fixed multiple $VERSION variables (GH#2)

    • Addressed some testing issues with bad SMTP host
    • Turned off uninitialized warnings until they can all be resolved

    • Let DZil version the CType:: classes

    • Removed unused EXPORT_OK option

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-Client to 1.020000 as per the Fedora version

Wednesday 13th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-MouseX-Getopt to 0.37 in Rawhide:

    • Cope with GLD output changes in version 0.100 (GH#10)

Friday 15th July 2016

Local Packages

  • Updated moin to 1.9.8 (see CHANGES for details)

Saturday 16th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.033 in Rawhide:

    • Support for session ticket reuse over multiple contexts and processes (if supported by Net::SSLeay)

    • Small optimizations, like saving various Net::SSLeay constants into variables and access variables instead of calling the constant sub all the time

    • Make t/dhe.t work with openssl 1.1.0

Local Packages

  • Updated libgpg-error to 1.24:

    • New functions and macros to provide iconv(3) on Windows

    • Support for LeakSanitizer with the gpgrt_annotate_leaked_object inline function

    • Fixes an assertion failure due to es_flush on read/write streams

    • Fixes a bug with a too short memory limit in es_fopenmen

    • Cross-build support for powerpc-unknown-linux-gnuspe and tilegx-unknown-linux-gnu architectures

    • Fixes a bug in es_fclose_snatch when used used after es_fseek

    • Fixes building without thread support
    • New configure option --disable-tests

    • Interface changes:
      • New inline function gpgrt_annotate_leaked_object

      • Other new symbols: GPGRT_ENABLE_W32_ICONV_MACROS, GPG_ERR_DB_CORRUPTED, GPG_ERR_SUBKEYS_EXP_OR_REV, gpgrt_w32_iconv_open, gpgrt_w32_iconv_close, gpgrt_w32_iconv

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.033 as per the Fedora version

Monday 18th July 2016

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-DateTime-TimeZone to 2.01:

    • This release is based on version 2016f of the Olson database
    • Contemporary changes for Egypt and Russia
    • The changes for Egypt supersede the ones in 2016e

Tuesday 19th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Test-Simple to 1.302045 in Rawhide:

    • Work around IPC bug on windows
    • Fix IPC event ordering bug
    • Fix TODO in mixed T2/TB subtests

    • Fix test that segv'd on older perls

Local Packages

  • New package perl-Importer (0.014)

  • Updated perl-Test2 to 1.302045 as per the Fedora perl-Test-Simple package

  • Updated perl-Test2-Suite to 0.000052:

    • Switch Extended bundle to use Importer

    • Add meta_check as alias for meta

Wednesday 20th July 2016

Local Packages

Thursday 21st July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-CPAN-Meta-Check to 0.013 in Rawhide:

    • Make tests more resilient against dev versions of dependencies
  • Updated svnmailer (1.0.9) in Rawhide to modernize the spec in line with current python packaging standards:

    • Drop support for old Fedora and EL releases
    • Use %license

    • Use new %py2_build and %py2_install macros

    • Include egg-info unconditionally
    • Drop redundant Group: and BuildRoot: tags

    • Drop redundant %python_sitelib definition

    • Drop redundant buildroot cleaning
  • Updated perl-Net-SSLeay (1.74), perl-Package-Anon (0.05) and perl-Package-Stash-XS (0.28) to fix FTBFS when perl isn't in the SRPM build root

Local Packages

  • Updated curl to 7.50.0

    • http: Add CURLINFO_HTTP_VERSION and %{http_version}

    • memdebug: Fix MSVC crash with -DMEMDEBUG_LOG_SYNC

    • openssl: Fix build with OPENSSL_NO_COMP

    • mbedtls: Removed unused variables

    • cmake: Added missing mbedTLS support

    • URL parser: Allow URLs to use one, two or three slashes
    • curl: Fix -q [regression]

    • openssl: Use correct buffer sizes for error messages

    • curl: Fix SIGSEGV while parsing URL with too many globs

    • schannel: Add CURLOPT_CERTINFO support

    • vtls: Fix ssl session cache race condition

    • http: Fix HTTP/2 connection reuse [regression]

    • checksrc: Add LoadLibrary to the banned functions list

    • schannel Disable ALPN on Windows < 8.1

    • configure: Occasional ignorance of --enable-symbol-hiding with GCC

    • http2: test17xx are the first real HTTP/2 tests

    • resolve: Add support for IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Networks on OS X + iOS

    • curl_multi_socket_action.3: Rewording

    • CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS.3: Clarify what happens when set empty

    • cmake: Fix build with winldap

    • openssl: Fix cert check with non-DNS name fields present

    • curl.1: Mention the units for the progress meter

    • openssl: Use more 'const' to fix build warnings with 1.1.0 branch

    • cmake: Now using BUILD_TESTING=ON/OFF

    • vtls: Only call add/getsession if session id is enabled

    • headers: Forward declare CURL, CURLM and CURLSH as structs

    • configure: Improve detection of CA bundle path on FreeBSD

    • SFTP: Set a generic error when no SFTP one exists
    • curl_global_init.3: Expand on the SSL and WIN32 bits purpose

    • conn: Don't free easy handle data in handler->disconnect

    • cookie.c: Fix misleading indentation

    • library: Fix memory leaks found during static analysis

    • curl_global_init: Moved the "IPv6 works" check here

    • connect: Disable TFO on Linux when using SSL

    • vauth: Fixed memory leak due to function returning without free

    • winbuild: Fix embedded manifest option

  • I also added patches to fix HTTPS and FTPS tests (work around stunnel bug Bug #1358810) and added an explicit dependency on nss-pem because it is no longer included in the nss package in Rawhide (Bug #1347336)

  • Updated libgcrypt to 1.6.5:

  • Updated libidn to 1.33:

    • libidn: Fix out-of-bounds stack read in idna_to_ascii_4i

    • idn: Solve out-of-bounds-read when reading one zero byte as input; also replaced fgets with getline

    • libidn: stringprep_utf8_nfkc_normalize now rejects invalid UTF-8; it was always documented to only accept UTF-8 data, but now it doesn't crash when presented with such data

    • Dropped valgrind suppressions file, should no longer be needed
  • Updated perl-CPAN-Meta-Check to 0.013 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Module-CoreList to 5.20160720:

    • Updated for v5.25.3
  • Updated perl-Package-Stash-XS (0.28) to fix FTBFS when perl is not in the SRPM build root

Friday 22nd July 2016

Fedora Project

Local Packages

  • Updated unrar to 5.40 beta 4

Saturday 23rd July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Array-Diff (0.07) in Rawhide to fix FTBFS with perl not available in the SRPM build root

  • Updated perl-Test-Simple to 1.302047 in Rawhide:

    • Restore traditional note/diag return values (GH#694)

Local Packages

  • Updated curl (7.50.0) to fix confusion in the test suite about whether or not HTTP2 support is available, and also to use the default ports for the test suite since it's too much hassle to get it working reliably under different ports

  • Updated perl-Test2 to 1.302047 as per the Fedora perl-Test-Simple package

Sunday 24th July 2016

Local Packages

  • Rebuilt nmap (7.12) for automatic provides for python packages

  • Updated perl-Mouse (2.4.5) to fix FTBFS with no perl in the minimal buildroot

  • Updated perl-XML-LibXML to 2.0128:

    • Make sure t/release-kwalitee.t and other tests do not run by default, only with AUTHOR_TESTING or RELEASE_TESTING specified (CPAN RT#115586, CPAN RT#115859)

Monday 25th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Module-Metadata to 1.000033 in Rawhide:

    • Use a more strict matching heuristic when attempting to infer the "primary" module name in a parsed .pm file

    • Only report "main" as the module name if code was seen outside another namespace, fixing bad results for pod files (CPAN RT#107525)

    • Fix file operation in tests for VMS

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-DBD-SQLite (1.50) to enable perl FTS3 tokenizer with sqlite older than 3.11.0 (CPAN RT#112474)

  • Updated perl-Module-Metadata to 1.000033 as per the Fedora version

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-PPI (1.220), perl-Regexp-Parser (0.21), perl-Sub-Exporter (0.987), perl-Sub-Uplevel (0.25), perl-Sys-Hostname-Long (1.5), perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu (1.34), perl-Test-Exception (0.43) , perl-Test-Harness (3.36), perl-Test-Requires (0.10), perl-Test-Unit-Lite (0.12), perl-XML-LibXSLT (1.94) and perl-YAML (1.18) to fix FTBFS when perl is not in the minimal buildroot

Wednesday 27th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Module-Load-Conditional to 0.66 in F-25 and Rawhide:

Local Packages

  • Repository branched for Fedora 25
  • Updated curl (7.50.0) to use the upstream fix for HTTP2 test confusion

  • Updated perl-Archive-Tar to 2.10:

  • Updated perl-Module-Load-Conditional to 0.66 as per the Fedora version

Thursday 28th July 2016

Fedora Project

Local Packages

  • New package perl-Ref-Util (0.020)

  • Updated perl-Digest-SHA to 5.96:

  • Updated perl-IPC-Cmd to 0.96 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect` to 1.900:

    • Fixed POD example
    • Fixed recalcitrant doc nit
  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-Client to 1.021000:

    • Fix result values in v1 - single valued arrayref in ES result will be turned to a scalar

  • Updated perl-Params-Validate (1.24) and perl-Perl-Critic-Pulp (90) to fix FTBFS when perl is not in the minimal buildroot

Friday 29th July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-MCE to 1.804 in F-25 and Rawhide:

  • Updated perl-Module-Load-Conditional to 0.68 in F-23, F-24, F-25 and Rawhide:

    • Fix unconditional @INC localization

  • Updated perl-Test-Simple to 1.302049 in F-25 and Rawhide:

    • Add 'active' attribute to hub

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-MCE to 1.804 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Module-Load-Conditional to 0.68 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Net-FTPSSL to 0.34:

    • Behaviour change: Added fix_supported() as a way to make corrections to supported(); editing the returned hash reference of _help() no longer works - this new method does both additions and removals

    • Behaviour change: Modified _mfmt() and _mdtm() to be able to handle localtime vs. gmtime based on changes to how PreserveTimestamp works; as an alternate way, the behaviour can be overridden by a new $local_flag option (the default behaviour is still GMT)

    • Made POD clarification and other comment updates
    • Increased TRACE_MOD from 5 to 10 blocks

    • Added BEGIN block to detect if IPv6 support is possible; it does this by asking IO::Socket::SSL instead of reinventing the wheel

    • Moved the generation of the Debug log header info for CPAN support to BEGIN as well so that this info gets centralized instead of repeated

    • Added Domain/Family as a new option for choosing IPv4 vs. IPv6

    • Added OverrideHELP => -1 option to use FEAT instead, when HELP is broken

    • Updated quot() to recognize that MLSD also requires a data channel; also improved the disable HELP logic used here

    • Broke up _feat() into _feat() and feat(), and added feat() to the POD; this was done since under some circumstances the feature list can be dynamic

    • Rewrote _help() to make it less confusing

    • Fixed PreserveTimestamp bug in transfer() and xtransfer()

    • Added new option xWait for use by xput() and xtransfer(); some servers won't honour the rename of the scratch file to its final name without instituting a delay, so this option allows you to specify one

    • README: Added more notes about turning on/off SSL logging; newer versions allow for dynamic turning on/off

    • t/10-complex.t: Changes to the main test script:

      • Now uses fix_supported() in its is_file() tests since these test cases hit some lies told by some servers

      • Fixed so its main logs are named after this test program like the other test cases do
      • Added new test to verify if the MDTM command correctly uses GMT time instead of local time (assumes MFMT will use the same time zone)

      • Added xWait of 1 second to deal with problem FTP/S servers that require a wait for the xput and xtransfer tests to work

    • t/05-readonly.t: Renamed 05-simple to 05-readonly to more accurately describe the types of tests this test script does

  • Updated perl-Net-SSLeay (1.74) to fix FTBFS when perl is not in the minimal build root

  • Updated perl-Test2 to 1.302049 as per the Fedora perl-Test-Simple package

  • Updated perl-Test2-Suite to 0.000054:

    • Make bag check fail when given an empty array
    • Clean up bag diagnostics
  • Updated unrar (5.40 beta 4) for new upstream tarball but same version number

Saturday 30th July 2016

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Moose (2.1804), perl-namespace-clean (0.27) and perl-NetAddr-IP (4.079) to fix FTBFS when perl is not in the minimal buildroot

Sunday 31st July 2016

Fedora Project

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.3.74 in F-25 and Rawhide:

    • Fix for when a signal name is used as a hierarchy name at the same level of scope (affects fsdb)

    • Added --rcvar command line option to insert rc variable changes individually without needing to point to a configuration file

    • Change to combine traces down/up routines to handle 2D vector name generation
    • Allow FSDB files to contain ".gz" and ".bz2" suffixes as the libnffr loader can handle those

    • If a variable is declared in the dumpfile as an integer, then it is imported to the waveform display as an integer instead of a hex value; this works for dump file formats that show the datatype in the SST window
    • Added code that should prevent the primary marker from disappearing unexpectedly as well as dynamic resizing being stuck in the unset marker width
  • Updated perl-Net-SSLeay to 1.76 in F-25 and Rawhide:

    • Compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1, tested with openssl-1.1.0-pre5:

      • Conditionally remove threading locking code, not needed in 1.1
      • Rewrite code that accesses inside X509_ATTRIBUTE struct

      • SSL_CTX_need_tmp_RSA, SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa, SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback, SSL_set_tmp_rsa_callback support not available in 1.1

      • SSL_session_reused is now native

      • SSL_get_keyblock_size modifed to use new API

      • OCSP functions modified to use new API under 1.1
      • SSL_set_state removed with 1.1

      • SSL_get_state and SSL_state are now equivalent and available in all versions

      • SSL_CTX_v2_new removed

      • SESSION_set_master_key removed with 1.1; code that previously used SESSION_set_master_key must now set $secret in the session_secret callback set with SSL_set_session_secret_cb

      • With 1.1, $secret in the session_secret callback set with SSL_set_session_secret_cb can be changed to alter the master key (required by EAP-FAST)

    • Added a function EC_KEY_generate_key similar to RSA_generate_key and a function EVP_PKEY_assign_EC_KEY similar to EVP_PKEY_assign_RSA; using these functions it is easy to create and use EC keys in the same way as RSA keys

    • Testing with LibreSSL 2.4.1

    • Provide support for cross context (and cross process) session sharing using the stateless TLS session tickets
    • Added documentation about downloading latest version from SVN
    • Added missing Module/install files to SVN

Local Packages

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.3.74 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Devel-PartialDump (0.18), perl-FileHandle-Unget (0.1628), perl-JSON  (2.90), perl-Module-Manifest (1.08) to fix FTBFS when perl is not in the minimal buildroot

  • Updated perl-Net-SSLeay to 1.76 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Test2-Suite to 0.000055:

    • Spelling fix from Debian
    • Fix \d[0-9] in several places

  • Updated perl-XML-LibXSLT to 1.95:

    • Makefile.PL shouldn't run "pkg-config libexslt" if LIBS or INC were provided (CPAN RT#116461)

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