Paul's Blog Entries for June 2017

Thursday 1st June 2017

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot to

    • quota_warning scripts weren't working in v2.2.30

    • vpopmail still wasn't compiling

  • Updated perl-Module-CoreList to 5.20170531:

    • Updated for v5.27.0
  • Updated perl-Type-Tiny to 1.002000:

  • Back Compat

    • RegexpRef now accepts blessed objects if $object->isa('Regexp') returns true

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix for Type::Registry::DWIM (CPAN RT#98458)

    • Fix issues with coercions and native attribute traits with some oldish versions of Moose on oldish versions of Perl (CPAN RT#98159)

    • Fix short-circuiting optimizations for parameterized HashRef, ArrayRef, ScalarRef and Map type constraints (CPAN RT#99312)

    • Inlined version of Types::Standard::Int should check that the value is not a reference

    • Attempting ArrayRef[Int, Int] or similar now throws an exception (CPAN RT#105299)

    • 02-api.t should check version of Moose available (GH#20)

    • 20-unit/Type-Utils/warnings.t should check version of Test::Warnings (GH#21)

    • Fix minor typos in documentation for Types::Standard (GH#30)

    • Fix variable name typo in documentation for Type::Params (GH#37)

    • Localize $SIG{__DIE__} in Type::Registry (CPAN RT#100780)

    • Type::Params should make sure Type::Utils is loaded before calling english_list()

    • Type constraints like Tuple[Int] shouldn't report they have a coercion if Int doesn't have a coercion

    • Fixed crazy amount of UTF-8 warnings from Type::Params on Perl 5.6.x and Perl 5.8.x (CPAN RT#101582, GH#16)

    • Fix HashRef[Str]|Undef|Str parsing on Perl < 5.14 (CPAN RT#121764)

  • Documentation

    • Updated NEWS file

    • Updated TODO file

    • Updates to Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoose, Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoo and Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMouse

    • Comparison of Type::Params with new(ish) CPAN module Params::ValidationCompiler

    • Show example of how to set defaults for parameters with Type::Params

    • Rearrange the examples directory in the distribution

    • Include example

  • Test Suite

    • Make some of the test case skip_all bits more ambitious; test older versions of Moose and Moo than we were testing before

    • Fix annoying warning message in test suite with recent versions of Exporter::Tiny

    • Bundle a test case for GH#14

    • t/00-begin.t will now work around ANDK's apparently broken XS testing environment

  • Other

    • Added: Type::Params now provides 'compile_named' and 'validate_named' functions, which do the same thing as 'compile' and 'validate' but are better for named arguments

    • Updated: If the shiny new core Sub::Util is available, use it instead of Sub::Name (the former is smaller)

    • Updated: Want Type::Tiny::XS 0.011

    • 'Type::Utils::dwim_type' now allows more control over fallback behaviours

    • Lazy-load Text::Balanced in Type::Parser (many parses don't even need it)

    • Lazy-load Type::Tiny::Union in Type::Params

    • Make equals/is_a_type_of/is_subtype_of/is_supertype_of in Type::Tiny::Union work more like Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union

    • Improved error location reporting for Moo (GH#35)

    • Updated: NumericCode now coerces from strings with whitespace in them, like MooseX::Types::Common::Numeric (GH#22)

    • Allow Type::Tiny's 'constraint' parameter to be a string of Perl code

    • Added: Type::Params' 'multisig' function now sets a variable '${^TYPE_PARAMS_MULTISIG}' to indicate which signature succeeded

    • Optimization of Type::Params positional parameter checking for simple cases with no slurpy parameter and no coercions

    • Optimizations for Tuple and StrMatch type constraints from Types::Standard

    • Added: Named parameter validation benchmarking script
    • Rewrite some benchmarking scripts to use Benchmark::Featureset::ParamCheck

    • Use Ref::Util::XS (if it's installed) to speed up certain type checks

    • Added: Types::Standard now has a CycleTuple type

    • StrMatch will use Regexp::Util (if available) to inline regular expressions more sensibly

    • Include trailing line break at the end of stringified version of some exceptions

Friday 2nd June 2017

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-DateTime-TimeZone to 2.13:

    • Fix indexing of DateTime::TimeZone::Catalog on metacpan again; no real code or zone changes (GH#19)

  • Updated perl-List-SomeUtils to 0.54:

    • Moved issue tracking to GitHub

  • Updated perl-List-SomeUtils-XS to 0.53:

    • Moved issue tracking to GitHub

Thursday 8th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-Client to 2.016000 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Support CSV field list in 'all' requests (GH#87)

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-Client to 2.016000 as per the Fedora version

Sunday 11th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Perl-Critic to 1.128 in F-26 and Rawhide:

  • Bug Fixes

    • PPI misparsing a module caused an incorrect "Must end with a recognizable true value"; this is fixed by upgrading to PPI 1.224 (GH#696, GH#607)

    • A test would fail under the upcoming Perl 5.26 that omits the current directory from @INC

    • Fixed an invalid test in the RequireBarewordsIncludes test (GH#751)

    • If an element contained blank lines then the source "%r" displayed for a violation was wrong (GH#702, GH#734)

  • Dependencies

    • Perl::Critic now requires PPI 1.224; PPI is the underlying Perl parser on which Perl::Critic is built, and 1.224 introduces many parsing fixes such as:

      • Fixes for dot-in-@INC

      • Parse left side of => as bareword even if it looks like a keyword or op

      • $::x now works

      • Higher accuracy when deciding whether certain characters are operators or variable type casts (*&% etc.)

      • Subroutine attributes parsed correctly
  • Performance Enhancements

    • Sped up BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUselessTopic ~7% (GH#656)

  • Documentation

    • Fixed incorrect explanation of capture variables in ProhibitCaptureWithoutTest

    • Fixed incorrect links
    • Fixed incorrect example for returning a sorted list
    • Fixed invalid POD (GH#735)

    • Updated docs on ProhibitYadaOperator (GH#662)

    • Removed all the references to the old mailing list and code repository at (GH#757)

  • Updated perl-Text-CSV_XS to 1.30 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Add csv (..., out => ...) syntax examples (GH#7)

    • Disable escape_null for undefined escape_char

    • Fix ->say for bound columns (CPAN RT#121576)

    • Update to Devel::PPPort 3.36

    • Tested under 5.26.0 and 5.27.0
    • Documentation changes and additions
  • Updated python-paramiko to 2.2.0 in Rawhide

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Perl-Critic to 1.128 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Text-CSV_XS to 1.30 as per the Fedora version

Monday 12th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.049 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Fixed problem caused by typo in the context of session cache (GH#60)

    • Updated PublicSuffix information from

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot to

    • auth: Multiple failed authentications within a short time caused crashes
    • push-notification: OX driver crashed at deinit

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.049 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Params-Validate to 1.29:

    • Fixes for MSVC compilation (GH#15)

Tuesday 13th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated GeoIP-GeoLite-data to the June 2017 databases in F-26 and Rawhide

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.3.81 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Added max_fsdb_trees environment variable

    • Fixed -C option so it is persistent across new tabs

    • Integrated updated GHW reader code

Local Packages

  • Updated GeoIP-GeoLite-data to the June 2017 databases as per the Fedora version

  • Updated gtkwave to 3.3.81 as per the Fedora version

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated python-paramiko to 2.2.1 in Rawhide

Local Packages

  • Updated curl to 7.54.1:

    • CVE-2017-9502: file: URL buffer overflow

    • curl: Show the libcurl release date in --version output

    • openssl: Fix memory leak in servercert

    • tests: Remove the html and PDF versions from the tarball
    • mbedtls: Enable NTLM (and SMB) even if MD4 support is unavailable

    • typecheck-gcc: Handle function pointers properly

    • llist: No longer uses malloc

    • gnutls: Removed some code when --disable-verbose is configured

    • lib: Fix maybe-uninitialized warnings

    • multi: Clarify condition in curl_multi_wait

    • schannel: Don't treat encrypted partial record as pending data

    • configure: Fix the -ldl check for openssl, add -lpthread check

    • configure: Accept -Og and -Ofast GCC flags

    • Makefile: Avoid use of GNU-specific form of $<

    • if2ip: Fix -Wcast-align warning

    • configure: Stop prepending to LDFLAGS, CPPFLAGS

    • curl: Set a 100K buffer size by default

    • typecheck-gcc: Fix _curl_is_slist_info

    • nss: Do not leak PKCS #11 slot while loading a key

    • nss: Load if no other trust is specified

    • examples: ftpuploadfrommem.c

    • url: Declare get_protocol_family() static

    • examples/cookie_interface.c: Changed to

    • test1443: Test --remote-time

    • curl: Use utimes instead of obsolescent utime when available

    • url: Fixed a memory leak on OOM while setting CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE

    • curl_rtmp: Fix missing-variable-declarations warnings

    • tests: Fixed OOM handling of unit tests to abort test
    • curl_setup: Ensure no more than one IDN lib is enabled

    • tool: Fix missing prototype warnings for CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS

    • CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE: 1024 bytes is now the minimum size

    • curl: Non-boolean command line args reject --no- prefixes

    • telnet: Write full buffer instead of byte-by-byte

    • typecheck-gcc: Add missing string options

    • typecheck-gcc: Add support for CURLINFO_SOCKET

    • opt man pages: They all have examples now
    • curl_setup_once: Use SEND_QUAL_ARG2 for swrite

    • test557: Set a known good numeric locale

    • schannel: Return a more specific error code for SEC_E_UNTRUSTED_ROOT

    • tests/server: Make string literals const

    • runtests: Use -R for random order

    • unit1305: Fix compiler warning

    • curl_slist_append.3: Clarify a NULL input creates a new list

    • tests/server: Run checksrc by default in debug-builds

    • tests: Fix -Wcast-qual warnings

    • Simplify the datacheck read section

    • curl: Remove --environment and tool_writeenv.c

    • buildconf: Fix hang on IRIX

    • tftp: Silence bad-function-cast warning

    • asyn-thread: Fix unused macro warnings

    • tool_parsecfg: Fix -Wcast-qual warning

    • sendrecv: Fix MinGW-w64 warning

    • test537: Use correct variable type

    • rand: Treat fake entropy the same regardless of endianness

    • curl: Generate the --help output

    • tests: Removed redundant --trace-ascii arguments

    • multi: Assign IDs to all timers and make each timer singleton

    • multi: Use a fixed array of timers instead of malloc

    • mbedtls: Support server renegotiation request

    • pipeline: Fix mistakenly trying to pipeline POSTs

    • lib510: Don't write past the end of the buffer if it's too small

    • CURLOPT_HTTPPROXYTUNNEL.3: Clarify, add example

    • SecureTransport/DarwinSSL: Implement public key pinning

    • curl.1: Clarify --config

    • curl_sasl: Fix build error with CURL_DISABLE_CRYPTO_AUTH + USE_NTLM

    • darwinssl: Fix exception when processing a client-side certificate

    • curl.1: Mention --oauth2-bearer's <token> argument

    • Do not add current time into curl binary

    • asiohiper.cpp / evhiperfifo.c: Deal with negative timerfunction input

    • ssh: Fix memory leak in disconnect due to timeout

    • tests: Stabilize test 1034
    • cmake: Auto detection of CURL_CA_BUNDLE/CURL_CA_PATH

    • assert: Avoid, use DEBUGASSERT instead

    • LDAP: Using ldap_bind_s on Windows with methods

    • redirect: Store the "would redirect to" URL when max redirs is reached

    • winbuild: Fix the nghttp2 build

    • examples: Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings

    • time: Fix type conversions and compiler warnings

    • mbedtls: Fix variable shadow warning

    • test557: Fix ubsan runtime error due to int left shift

    • transfer: Init the infilesize from the postfields

    • docs: Clarify NO_PROXY further

    • build-wolfssl: Sync config with wolfSSL 3.11

    • curl-compilers.m4: Enable -Wshift-sign-overflow for clang

    • example/externalsocket.c: Make it use CLOSESOCKETFUNCTION too

    • lib574.c: Use correct callback proto

    • lib583: Fix compiler warning

    • curl-compilers.m4: Fix compiler_num for clang

    • typecheck-gcc.h: Separate getinfo slist checks from other pointers

    • typecheck-gcc.h: Check CURLINFO_TLS_SSL_PTR and CURLINFO_TLS_SESSION

    • typecheck-gcc.h: Check CURLINFO_CERTINFO

    • build: Provide easy code coverage measuring

    • test1537: Dedicated tests of the URL (un)escape API calls

    • curl_endian: Remove unused functions

    • test1538: Verify the libcurl strerror API calls

    • MD(4|5): Silence cast-align clang warning

    • dedotdot: Fixed output for ".." and "." only input

    • cyassl: Define build macros before including ssl.h

    • Error out on too old git version

    • curl_sasl: Fix unused-variable warning

    • x509asn1: Fix implicit-fallthrough warning with GCC 7

    • libtest: Fix implicit-fallthrough warnings with GCC 7

    • BINDINGS: Add Ring binding

    • curl_ntlm_core: Pass unsigned char to toupper

    • test1262: Verify ftp download with -z for "if older than this"

    • test1521: Test all curl_easy_setopt options

    • typecheck-gcc: Allow CURLOPT_STDERR to be NULL too

    • metalink: Remove unused printf() argument

    • file: Make speedcheck use current time for checks

    • configure: Fix link with librtmp when specifying path

    • examples/multi-uv.c: Fix deprecated symbol

    • cmake: Fix inconsistency regarding mbed TLS include directory

    • setopt: Check CURLOPT_ADDRESS_SCOPE option range

    • gitignore: Ignore all vim swap files

    • urlglob: Fix division by zero

    • libressl: OCSP and intermediate certs workaround no longer needed

Thursday 15th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Text-CSV_XS to 1.31 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Fix already decoded BOM in headers
    • New options in csv-check

    • Some perlcritic
    • "escape" is alias for "escape_char" for consistency

    • Code clean-up and more tests (Devel::Cover)

    • Improve csv-check auto-sep-detection

  • Updated python-paramiko to 2.2.1 (from 2.1.3) in F-26

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Text-CSV_XS to 1.31 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated python-zope-interface to 4.4.2:

    • Fix a regression storing 'zope.component.persistentregistry.PersistentRegistry' instances (GH#85)

    • Fix a regression that could lead to the utility registration cache of 'Components' getting out of sync (GH#93)

Friday 16th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated smbldap-tools (0.9.11 in F-26 and Rawhide, 0.9.11 updated from 0.9.10 in EPEL-7, 0.9.6 in EPEL-6) to use usersdn instead of full LDAP search base when looking for user accounts (Bug #1456783)

Local Packages

  • Completed rebuilding Perl packages for Perl 5.26 in Rawhide
  • Updated nmap to 7.50 (see CHANGELOG for details)

  • Updated smbldap-tools (0.9.11) as per the Fedora version

  • Updated unrar to 5.50 beta 4

Sunday 18th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-API to 0.51 in F-24, F-25, F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Switch to v1 API
      • Old complex query forms may stop working with new API
    • Stop relying on . being in @INC

    • Drop URI::Escape prereq

    • Switch from JSON to JSON::MaybeXS

    • Test clean-ups
  • Updated perl-Test-LeakTrace to 0.16 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Fix build and test issues with perl5.26 due to removal of . from @INC (CPAN RT#120420, GH#3)

RPM Fusion Project

  • Rebuilt perl-PGPLOT (2.21) for Perl 5.26 in Rawhide

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-CPANfile to 0.08:

    • Fixed to convert META_ADD/MERGE properly when 2.0 elements are found (CPAN RT#122124)

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-API to 0.51 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Perl-Critic-Pulp to 94:

    • ProhibitUnknownBackslash \N also Perl 5.16

  • Updated perl-Regexp-Common to 2017060201:

    • Minor documentation fixes
    • More fixes for tests and '.' not being present in @INC

  • Updated perl-Sub-Quote to 2.004000:

    • More extensive quotify tests

    • Split tests into separate files
    • Propagate package to deferred subs, even if unnamed
    • Reject invalid attributes
    • Include line numbers with compile errors (GH#1)

  • Updated perl-Test-LeakTrace to 0.16 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Test-WriteVariants to 0.013:

    • Improve tests
    • Add find_input_inline_tests and companion add_test_inline

Monday 19th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Test2-Plugin-NoWarnings to 0.06 in F-24, F-25, F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Warnings inside a subtest were not emitted as TAP events, breaking the TAP and making for great confusion: this is because of a bug in the core TAP formatter (; warnings are now emitted as Ok events instead of Warning events

RPM Fusion Project

  • Rebuilt mythtv (0.28.1) for Perl 5.26 in Rawhide

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-Test2-Plugin-NoWarnings to 0.06 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Test2-Suite to 0.000072:

    • Introduce Test2::V# bundles

    • Deprecate Test2::Bundle::Extended

    • Test2::V0 added

    • Fix Test2::Mock doesn't accept non-ref values

    • Fix isa_ok overload issue

  • Updated perl-Type-Tiny to 1.002001:

  • Test Suite
    • Skip t/30-integration/Moose/native-attribute-traits.t on older Moose because Test::Moose is broken

  • Packaging
    • Ref::Util::XS 0.100 should be recommended, not 0.200 (which doesn't exist yet) (CPAN RT#121981)

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated libpng10 (1.0.67) in F-26 and Rawhide to update the source URL at upstream's request (Bug #1459086)

  • Updated pari (2.9.2 in F-26 and Rawhide, 2.7.6 in F-24 and F-25) to include the pari/gp desktop icon, dropped from upstream releases after version 2.5.x (Bug #1462987)

Local Packages

  • Updated libpng10 (1.0.67) to update the source URL as per the Fedora version

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated libpari23 (2.3.5) in Rawhide to fix build for Perls without '.' in @INC  and to build without GMP, which seems to cause problems for Math::Pari on 32-bit architectures with -Duse64bitint (#1459155)

  • Updated perl-PPI to 1.234 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Fix test reliance on '.' in @INC

    • Temporary fix to keep an untested combination from blocking Perl::Critic

    • Keep PPI::Dumper from breaking Perl::Critic under cperl 5.27

    • Prevent sub names like v10 from being version strings (GH#65)

    • Remove temporary fix introduced in 1.226
    • Prevent possible regex on undefined scalar in __current_token_is_forced_word

  • Updated perl-Regexp-Assemble to 0.38 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Fix test prereqs; pod tests moved to xt/ (CPAN RT#122136, CPAN RT#122137)

    • Adopt new repo structure:
      • Delete MANIFEST and META.yml, and hereafter auto-generate them

      • Modernize .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP

      • The code says Perl licence but the LICENCE file says Artistic, so replace LICENCE file with LICENSE (so spelled), which says Perl

  • Updated perl-Test-Simple to 1.302086 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Make it possible to turn off result logging in Test::Builder

Local Packages

  • Updated c-ares to 1.13.0:

    • cmake build system support added

    • Add virtual function set for socket IO: ares_set_socket_functions

    • CVE-2017-1000381: c-ares NAPTR parser out of bounds access

    • macos: Do not set HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME_MONOTONIC

    • test: Check ares_create_query with too-long name

    • dist: Add ares_library_initialized.* to the tarball

    • Fix build on OpenBSD
    • dist: Ship too

    • test: Add gTest/gMock files to SOURCES

    • test: Add fuzz entrypoint for ares_create_query()

    • configure: clock_gettime workaround

    • docs: Convert INSTALL to MarkDown and tweak

    • ares_process: Fix return type of socket_create function (Win32 warning)

    • docs: Fixed references to ares_set_local_ip4 and ares_set_local_ip6

    • Windows DNS server sorting
    • Use ares_socklen_t instead of socket_t

    • ares_create_query: Use ares_free, not naked free

    • support most recent Visual Studio 2017

    • acountry: Convert char from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8

    • ares_expand_name: Limit number of indirections

    • configure: Do not check for ar if specified manually

    • Added support for Windows DNS Suffix Search List
    • ares.h: Support compiling with QNX

  • Updated curl (7.54.1) to enforce versioned openssl-libs dependency for libcurl (Bug #1462184)

  • Updated perl-Module-CoreList to 5.20170621:

    • Updated for v5.27.1
  • Updated perl-PPI to 1.234 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Test-Simple to 1.302086 as per the Fedora version

Thursday 22nd June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-PerlIO-gzip to 0.20 in F-26 and Rawhide:

  • Updated perl-PPI to 1.236 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Prevent Node->child from proceeding without a valid argument

    • Make test pragma warning code enable -w to match warnings policy

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-PerlIO-gzip to 0.20 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-PPI to 1.236 as per the Fedora version

Saturday 24th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Rebuilt perl-Math-Pari (2.010809) with Perl 5.26 in Rawhide, using the libpari23 build without GMP support done earlier in the week

  • Rebuilt perl-Crypt-Random (1.25), perl-Crypt-Primes (0.50), perl-Crypt-RSA (1.99), perl-Net-SSH-Perl (1.42), perl-Net-SFTP (0.10) and perl-Net-SFTP-Foreign (1.87) with Perl 5.26 in Rawhide as dependency perl-Math-Pari became available

  • Updated perl-AnyEvent to 7.14 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Fix a crash bug in AnyEvent::Handle with openssl 1.1.0

    • AnyEvent::Handle->keepalive was documented (and defined) twice

    • AnyEvent::Socket::tcp_bind/tcp_server would immediately unlink a unix listening socket unless a guard is used; change this so that no clean-up will be performed unless a guard is used and document this more clearly

    • Make tcp_bind/tcp_server error messages more regular

    • Fix building on Perl without '.' in @INC


    • Update warnings to common::sense 3.74 standards

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-AnyEvent to 7.14 as per the Fedora version

Sunday 25th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-Math-GMP to 2.15 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Bump required perl version to 5.10.x

  • Updated perl-Test-Kwalitee-Extra to 0.4.0 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • Only search existing directories
    • Use MetaCPAN::Client rather than MetaCPAN::API::Tiny

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-IO-Socket-INET6 (2.72) and perl-Type-Tiny (1.002001) not to pull in build dependencies for optional tests when bootstrapping

  • Updated perl-Test-Kwalitee-Extra to 0.4.0 as per the Fedora version

Monday 26th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-Client to 2.017000 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • reverse_dependencies: Update link to new API endpoint (GH#89)

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-Client to 2.017000 as per the Fedora version

  • Updated perl-Net-DNS to 1.11:

    • Fix CPAN RT#122138: Send a UDP query with udppacketsize=512

    • Feature: Extract default resolver configuration from OS/390 MVS datasets

Tuesday 27th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-String-CRC32 to 1.6 in F-26 and Rawhide:

    • New maintainer: LEEJO
    • Add Changes file

    • Add link to github repo
    • Add strict and warnings

    • Add LICENSE to POD + LICENSE file

    • Add META.* files through make dist

    • Add .travis.yml for CI

Local Packages

  • Updated dovecot to 2.2.31:

    • LMTP: Removed "(Dovecot)" from added Received headers; some installations want to hide it, and there's not really any good reason for anyone to have it

    • Add ssl_alt_cert and ssl_alt_key settings to add support for having both RSA and ECDSA certificates

    • dsync/imapc, pop3-migration plugin: Strip trailing whitespace from headers when matching mails; this helps with migrations from Zimbra

    • acl: Add acl_globals_only setting to disable looking up per-mailbox dovecot-acl files

    • Parse invalid message addresses better; this mainly affects the generated IMAP ENVELOPE replies

    • v2.2.30 wasn't fixing corrupted dovecot.index.cache files properly; it could have deleted wrong mail's cache or assert-crashed

    • v2.2.30 mail-crypt-acl plugin was assert-crashing

    • v2.2.30 welcome plugin wasn't working

    • Various fixes to handling mailbox listing, especially related to handling non-existent autocreated/autosubscribed mailboxes and ACLs
    • Global ACL file was parsed as if it was local ACL file, which caused some of the ACL rule interactions not to work exactly as intended
    • auth: forward_* fields didn't work properly: only the first forward field was working, and only if the first passdb lookup succeeded

    • Using mail_sort_max_read_count sometimes caused "Broken sort-* indexes, resetting" errors

    • Using mail_sort_max_read_count may have caused very high CPU usage

    • Message address parsing could have crashed on invalid input
    • imapc_features=fetch-headers wasn't always working correctly and caused the full header to be fetched

    • imapc: Various bugfixes related to connection failure handling

    • quota=imapc sent unnecessary FETCH RFC822.SIZE to server when expunging mails

    • quota=count: quota_warning = -storage=.. was never executed

    • quota=count: Add support for "ns" parameter

    • dsync: Fix incremental syncing for mails that don't have Date or Message-ID headers

    • imap: Fix hang when client sends pipelined SEARCH + EXPUNGE/CLOSE/LOGOUT

    • oauth2: Token validation didn't accept empty server responses

    • imap: NOTIFY command has been almost completely broken since the beginning; it seems nobody has been trying to use it

  • Updated pigeonhole to 0.4.19:

    • This release adjusts Pigeonhole to several changes in the Dovecot API, making it depend on Dovecot v2.2.31
    • Fixed bug in handling of implicit keep in some cases: implicit side-effects, such as assigned flags, were not always applied correctly
    • include extension: Fixed segfault that (sometimes) occurred when the global script location was left unconfigured

Wednesday 28th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated perl-MetaCPAN-API-Tiny (1.131730) in EPEL-7 to switch to the v1 MetaCPAN API since the v0 API no longer works

Thursday 29th June 2017

Fedora Project

  • Updated python-crypto (2.6.1) in Rawhide to build-require python2-tools (for 2to3) rather than plain python-tools

Local Packages

  • Updated perl-File-ShareDir to 1.104:

    • Fix tests for Perls with no "." in @INC (CPAN RT#120833)

    • Avoid tracking bundled prereqs - use inc::latest tooling from List::MoreUtils...

    • Bundle reasonable LICENSE file and

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